Monday, February 11, 2013

Sundays Are for Dreamin'

Sarasota, FL    High:   80     Low:  60

Back to the arts and crafts festival today for a few things...Sparky is dreaming about making her crafts pay for little extras while out on the road. So far, it's just dreaming, but Sparky is busy crafting up a storm for a craft show in early March.
Pine Needle Basket  #3
We went back and just enjoyed looking more thoroughly at the crafters' wares...The sculptures that the screen artist, Peter Robinson was making, were amazing!

Sparky loved this silverware art and jewelry booth...

It's fun to see the artists at work...

Eldy says.....Let's go lookin' and dreamin' more houses.....He checked out Palmer Ranch at for some ideas. We went looking at different neighborhoods today, since Sunday is the big open house day. We looked at villas, condos, and houses in Stonybrook, a subdivision in Palmer Ranch. Palmer Ranch is a massive real estate development in Sarasota County, similar to Lakewood Ranch. It was part of 80,000 original acres that came from Bertha Honore Palmer, wife of the Chicago Palmer House magnate Potter Palmer. Now we know where a lot of the street names in the area came from!

It's fun looking at houses that are bigger than our 400 square feet on wheels! A 1400 square foot house seems HUGE! It's interesting to see decor, color and Florida paint schemes....Nothing tripped our trigger today except Sparky loved this cool kitchen.

Sparky got more excited at the craft fair than she did looking at homes. But that would change in a heartbeat if Eldo got excited about a possible future home. He's in research mode, so no chance of that for a long time. :-) We've decided we are just going to be exploring the area for quite some time to come. We'll probably go looking every Sunday afternoon at homes just for the fun of it and to get to know the Sarasota neighborhoods better.

Back to reality and our little home again....until next Sunday when we might go visiting again...See you later!


  1. I really do like your pine needle basket. I agree that going to the arts and crafts shows where the artists are at work is so much fun. Loved the silverware jewelry!

    Have a great Tuesday.

  2. Love all the craft items. Funny how before it was researching RVs to live in, now it is houses? :)

  3. Uh oh..

    I see a new home in the near future! I've seen this happen with quite a few others..
    Margie and Roger..Lori and Odell..Paul and Marsha. Get a rv pad too so we can come visit!

  4. Hmm taking the wheel off your home? Hoping a long time yet for us.

  5. Love the owl. Too cute!

    I would so enjoy that craft show. People are just so talented. I love to look at all clever creations.

    You better watch looking at those homes. Pretty soon your blog title will be...From 400 feet to 4000 feet in one easy payment.

  6. Yup.. we were only in the RV a couple months full time and Steveio was looking at homes. We made a good choice now on a reasonable house and can have the best of both worlds.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  7. It's always a good idea to research for a while before taking any decision.... as George and Suzie said, I hope that you don't stop travelling anytime soon!