Sunday, February 10, 2013

More to Siesta Key Than Beaches

Sarasota, FL        High:   78      Low:   58

Well, while some of my family was getting socked in by 27" of snow in Lexington, MA, we were getting baked by the sun today over at Siesta Key, where they were having a wonderful arts and crafts show. First, we had to feed Sparky before hitting the big arts fair. A quick sandwich at the Old Salty Dog Restaurant in Siesta Key just down the street from the fair....Good food, good ribeye sandwich split between the two of us, moderately priced 9.99 for the sandwich and fries....Time to get shopping!

It's always fun to get out and see what other crafters are making...Sparky talked to a delightful couple from Maine....Of course she had to say, "Bet you're glad you aren't in Maine today!"  They had beautifully wire wrapped stones and pendants and other marvelous jewelry pieces. We chatted a bit about the weather and RVing, and Sparky moved on...Eldo patiently finding his little piece of shade while Sparky culled the fair looking for ideas to make crafts that might sell.....Maybe this could be a hobby for Eldo! Car parts art?

There were some unusual arts and crafts today...screen sculpture, anyone?
Scarves and scarf pins/closures were big with the were these little strands of yarn ribbon and novelty yarns...But nobody was buying the ribbon scarves...
Shopping at a busy craft fair is a tiring experience! Sparky expected to see a bunch of MEN sitting and waiting for their better halves, but instead saw these gals who were just catching their breath before another round of possible purchasing. They were testing out "What-A-Seat", a chair product sold at the show.

Lots of "beachy" and bar signs stuff for sale....An "Orgasm donor" sign???  Bet that's a big seller!

Being a newbie basket maker, Sparky LOVED these baskets made by a lady that was selling them...

We enjoyed the fair so much, we might go back tomorrow and check out some more things we missed.   See you later....


  1. Those were nice baskets, and so colorful.

  2. Looks like lotsa neat stuff to see and walkabout in this great weather you are having.

  3. I love baskets....would have lots and lots of them if we had lots and lots of room in the MH.

    Enjoy the wonderful weather you are having...until next time....

  4. I'm with Chuck and Anneke - baking in the sun sounds wonderful. Here in AZ it's still cloudy and rainy. So many colorful crafts and products at the fair. Just beautiful.