Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do We Stay or Do We Go?

Sarasota, FL       High:    79      Low:  54    Photos today are in and around Sarasota and Sun 'n' Fun....

We are going back and forth, back and forth on whether to extend our stay at Sun 'n Fun thru the end of March...We're paying top dollar for high season month by month, but when you look at rates south of Tampa for parks that have some amenities, and NOBODY has the amenities Sun 'n' Fun does, it's not far from what we are paying now....If we stay thru March, we will just tighten our belts and spend more time in Thousand Trails parks when we come out, be willing to stay in not-so-great parks and just remember what a great time we had here in Sarasota as we get back to a more realistic campground stay. We think we'll be back at Sun 'n' Fun next year for four months for a MUCH better rate, we've like it here so much....

Sparky is GREAT at rationalizing for staying....She would get to see her sister who has been battling breast cancer. Lyle and her husband John, are coming down to Matlache, about an hour and a half from where we are now the first week of March...Sparky could participate in the craft fair in March and see how her crafts do, Eldo and Sparky could sharpen their pickleball skills (but there are other pickleball courts at RV parks, we know :-), and Eldo could attend baseball spring training games all over the place. Eldo could visit his school chums again...AND---Sparky and Eldo could get themselves in MUCH better shape by continuing to use the five million dollar fitness center, get some massages, and be in the best shape we've been in for a long time. Sparky could learn how to make stain glass windows and sun catchers. It all sounds pretty good, right? :-)  But all good things must come to an end SOMETIME.  How about the end of March, sweetie?

We both know that once we leave here, it's going to be quite the letdown at first no matter where we go.....

In the meantime, let's see a park model here at Sun 'n' Fun where the owners want $104,000 for. After we saw it, we could see why the asking price, which was by far the highest priced park model we've seen so far...One bedroom with a sliding door to close off for another second guest bedroom area....Everything inside had been gutted and replaced with top quality furnishings, window treatments, tile, etc. The gal works as an interior designer at a furniture store, and you could tell she had the "eye" for design, color, and style. All the furnishings come with the park model.
Beautiful lanai...Sparky loves the purple!
After looking at model homes in the Lakewood Ranch area the other day, we think we'd still look outside the park in the Sarasota area for something down the road...

Other than that, we laid low today...Sparky is recuperating from her Body Fit class that just about did her in..She did go to swim exercise class today, so that helped loosen her up. Tomorrow, both Eldo and Sparky are going to play pickleball. Hopefully, you won't be reading about any pulled or stretched muscle injuries!  :-)  It's getting hotter each day in Sarasota....
This is NOT Eldo



  1. It seems to me you've already made up your mind. :)

  2. You are getting very comfortable there and having way too much fun, enjoy..

  3. Lone the last photo. Are you sure it isn't Eldo?

    Your place sounds too good too be true. I am not sure we could tighten our belts enough to stay there. With all the exercise you are doing, I am sure tightening your belt is pretty easy.

  4. Sun - N - Fun sure offers alot. My vote : stay and enjoy!

  5. Go for it! Just don't get that post-resort depression :)

  6. Keep having fun! TT's offer a lot of activities too so you won't go into complete withdrawal

  7. Life is uncertain, enjoy while the enjoying is at hand:)

  8. I love that you shared how easily you can make a case for staying. It makes perfect sense to me. Have you thought about a sales position at Sun 'n Fun?