Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nothin's Happening Today...

Sarasota, FL        High:    59         Low:   35

Br-r-r-r-r-r....Even Sparky is cold today......But she still loves it! (Goofy girl! exclaims Eldo.) You can't take the joy of the seasons out of the Chicago girl, what can I say? But Sparky is getting used to permanent sunshine and warm weather, 'cuz that's why she's cold today. It's funny, she used to laugh at people who put on sweatshirts and jeans when the temperature dropped below 70 while she'd still be in tee shirts and shorts. We'd joke about how you could tell who are the northerners and who are the Florida residents and now she's the first one to change clothes at that same temp!

What did we do today? Went to breakfast at the Broken Egg in Lakewood Ranch again.....LOVE that place! It was another great breakfast....We just missed seeing Dick Vitale, the ESPN sports announcer, by minutes. We're not celebrity seekers, it would just be interesting to see a well known TV guy up close and personal.

It took a long time for the temperature to creep up today...So we drove around looking at more Sarasota neighborhoods for open houses. We met a really nice realty couple at the last house we looked at this afternoon, a husband and wife team who work for Keller Williams Realty in Sarasota. Brenda and Craig Wilson were VERY interested in hearing about our RVing lifestyle. We sat for a bit in a beautiful house that had a courtyard pool and spa and talked all things RV for a few minutes. Nice couple! We invited them to come out to Sun 'n' Fun to see our rig and chat some more....

Sparky liked it that this last house had freshly baked cookies for prospective buyers. (Sparky is easily impressed, laughs E., especially if food is involved! ) Chocolate chip cookies at that! Needless to say, this house impressed her with its unusual layout and of course, the courtyard lanai and spa tub....
We looked at everything today from tiny little apartments to grand scale floor plans and housing styles, all with the idea of understanding more about different types of homes and residential areas in the Sarasota area. It was interesting to see how some houses had been "staged" for showing, such as furniture being removed to make rooms look more spacious in some homes, with artistically displayed floral arrangements, etc. And of course, every single light on in every single room to make it look as bright as possible. When Sparky sold her house years ago in South Bend, she had no idea about how staging works and how to best display a house for sale. But she was on the right track, as her house sold quickly that time. She had a sheet all made up about what her house was close to, what kind of neighbors were on the block, how close the nearest stores were, etc. AND--she had a cinnamon diffuser going to make the house smell like Christmas cookies!

Eldo gets an  "A" for doing a lot of open house homework this weekend....Sparky gets a "D" for goofing off and making stuff.  :-)

We're looking forward to chatting with the Williams's again about our RVing lifestyle....Nice to have met you folks. Call us anytime and c'mon over! We love sharing information about the modern RVing lifestyle and would love to show you our Tiffin Phaeton. (But Sparky's got to clean up her crafting corner first, before having company! insists E.) Uh, yep, that would be a good idea, it's a little out of control at the moment.  :-)



  1. Not to worry its your house, and probably looks lived in like ours.
    Hope you can keep warm.

  2. That screened pool/hottub layout is pretty common for Florida houses. Most all pools are screened. It's so much bugs, leaves and for the most part, no frogs or lizards!

  3. Sparky's bracelets are pretty!

    I have never seen inside a screened pool room.....just driven by them. Pretty cool!

  4. Nice bracelets.....beautiful and lots of stringing :O)
    Friends from KC just purchased screened pool on canal in FL...they fight the ducks constantly and all the pooh. And DH keeps trying the fishing and the otters keep taking the fish he caught, but guess we all have something to attend to with ownership or at least for a stunning pool tradeup....just saying beware of neighborhood ducks :O)

  5. Wow! That's fun seeing us on your Blog! :-) Let us know which evening works best for you (a couple options works best with our crazy schedule) and we'd love to come see your rig and crafts! PS...we're getting an offer on the house we met at yesterday! Someone that came in from the Open!!
    Brenda & Craig Wilson
    Keller Williams Realty

    1. Well, that is VERY cool! Hope it goes through for you! See you soon!