Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Recipe for Gumbo Boogie

Sarasota, FL     High:  81      Low:   59

Gumbo Boogie...sounds good, doesn't it?  Here's what you need for Gumbo Boogie:

1 Cajun/rockin'/Boogie Woogie band with accordion, sax, and washboard players
Equal amounts of green, purple, and gold
Add LOTS of people
Add lots of wine and beer
Add LOTS of beads
A few costumes,
A whole lotta dancing

And you get the Gumbo Boogie Dance Band Mardi Gras Party at Sun 'n' Fun!

They played at Sun 'n' Fun tonight, and boy, did Eldo and Sparky get down and boogie! It's the end of Mardi Gras and it was.....
Fat Tuesday is the last day you can eat rich, fatty foods and overindulge before tightening your belt for the Christian season of Lent. Mardi Gras is actually French for Fat Tuesday. Masks, costumes, and hearty partying are the norm for Mardi Gras season. Even if you are not in the French Quarter down in New Orleans, the season is celebrated in a big way in some of the other southern states like Alabama and Georgia, and right here in our adopted state of Florida at Sun 'n' Fun!

Lots of beads in evidence this evening.
Lots of dapper hats, too....

We danced up a storm with this band, Gumbo Boogie, performing  tonight.

We saw our friends Gary and Edie and they came and sat with us...Gary's sister was visiting and joined us as well.....
Sparky saw some biking friends that she had lunch with on the very first bike ride she went on. She enjoyed talking with them. We're going to have to get together one of these days and chat some more and compare notes about where to stay in Florida. We're starting to really get to know people who are residents here at Sun 'n' Fun. It's such a warm, welcoming community, it feels like a second home to us.

Sparky and Eldo got a little silly on the dance floor....
After a couple glasses of wine, Sparky was feeling pretty loosey goosey and limber enough to hit the dance floor lots! And get even a little sillier later on.....
 Sparky LOVES to dance and so does Eldy. That's a good thing, because Sparky can't sit still when the  music is great and the beat is groovin'! C'mon, Eldy, let's hit the dance floor some more!

We sure had fun tonight......Tomorrow we head to St. Pete's Beach for a few hours...We'll see you there....


  1. We love to dance too! Good to see you having so much fun out there. Shake a leg!

  2. Oh yeah just having too much fun, keep it up.

  3. Looks like you had a great time at the Gumbo Boogie. Anytime dancing is involved, I am in.

  4. Boogie down you two! We love to dance too. We have to meet up one day. I think we would have a wonderful time together.

  5. Your smiling faces tell the story!

    Happy Valentin's Day......enjoy your beach time!

  6. Seeing pictures like that with the happy and smiling faces make it so worth you being away from us. Seeing you Dad so happy is the best medicine for me. I love to see you so happy and loving life. You so deserve it. Glad you got to dance your butts off. Just wish I could have been there to dance with you. Hope you have a fantastic Valentin's Day. Love you both!!!