Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Day Apart and Tornado in TAMPA!

Sarasota, FL        High:  74     Low:   55

When you are full time RVers, it's not often that you spend the day apart, unless you have totally different interests. You usually go everywhere together, hike together, eat out together, sit outside and enjoy the weather together. Sometimes, if you are in a busy park, you'll go off and do your own thing for a little while, but not usually for the whole day. Sparky likes having time to herself, and Eldy is really great about trying to do things on his own now and then to give Sparky her space, even if it's just to hop in the car to go explore the area by himself. Yesterday, Eldy went to a baseball game at the Jet Blue Stadium in North Fort Myers with Vic Matthews of Traveling with the Big EZ, while Sparky spent the WHOLE DAY doing her own thing. (And just what did you do, Sparky?) You'll see in a minute....

Somehow the fellas snagged tickets right above the dugout for 30 bucks each.

Not bad! Eldy's favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals and they were playing the Boston Red Sox. Sparky is partial to the Boston Red Sox as she spent her very early years there. The Red Sox seem to be the favored team with so many eastern snowbirds here. The game was a runaway. The Cardinals WON! Woo-hoo! says Eldy. He said the stadium is wonderful for a minor league park, one of the nicest he's ever been in.  Guess it's a replica of the stadium at Fenway Park in Boston. Well, duh! The Jet Blue Stadium here in Florida is the Boston Red Sox spring training site, so the stadium down here should look like Fenway, and it does. Eldy and Vic had a great time, and Sparky had a great time messing around, because that's what she did.

She was SUPPOSED to get a whole bunch of crafting done because the park's craft show is Saturday, but Sparky is not the most efficient at time management. She manages to waste a LOT of time because her attention span is so short, she flits from one thing to another. So here's how her day went...We were supposed to have visitors around 6:00 last night, so Sparky needed to clean a bit. So she started with that.

10:30--get out the ordeal in itself. Extricate the hose from behind the sofa, buried in a bunch of stuff. Vacuum the bedroom and hallway...Sticky stuff on the floor. Wash the floor. Spots on the carpet. Spot treat the carpet. Geez, there are those key fobs sitting on the dining table which have been there for two days, better get those finished.

11:00--Sew the buttons on the key fobs...

11:30--couple of phone calls to friends...text Eldy, he says better turn on the weather radio. There's a tornado watch...find the radio, that took a bit. Find the batteries for the radio. That took awhile. Set up the radio,  that took a bit of doing. Gotta get the S.A.M.E. code from the internet to set up the radio. Check!

12:00 PM--hungry, fix some lunch, listen to the weather, nothing ominous for Sarasota, according to the weather radio..HOWEVER--TV says tornado watch till 3:00 PM. Wind picking up....Nothing Sparky can't handle...Head outside and stow the bikes under the slides, fold up the chairs in case weather gets really nasty....

12:30 PM-back to is on--oops! forgot to turn it off, better check email..gee, there's a couple of crafting videos on You Tube I've been wanting to watch. Maybe I'll sit and watch those for a bit..(uh-oh, bet we reach our data limit this month, worries E.) Oops! the hose is still out, still need to vacuum some more before putting that away....

1:30 PM---more cleaning, a couple of stink bugs or palmetto bugs show up...ugh! Get rid of them, back to cleaning the living room...Hide some junk in the cupboards (a couple is coming over this evening because they want to see our rig and hear about our travels) gotta make the rig look more "roomy" by hiding some of Sparky's craft junk! No more places to "hide" stuff! Oh, well, it is what it is....

2:00 PM, check in with is going well, it's raining hard in Sarasota, not so much where Eldy's at....wait for the rain to subside....head down to the mailroom to check for mail, run into a friend from pickleball. We chat for awhile...

2:45 PM...better get back to on some jewelry, find some baskets and ways to display stuff on Saturday...check!

3:15 PM....Knit for a bit....

4:00 PM....Hungry! (AGAIN? wonders E.) Eldy doesn't understand how Sparky is always hungry. He can get by on two meals a day, but Sparky has to eat about every four hours or she gets CRANKY! Make a a magazine...

4:30 PM text Eldy...How's the game going? Cardinals are winning...Hm-m-m-mmmm...what should I do now? Trying to figure out some other quick crafts, maybe some sewing stuff. Just don't have enough inventory for Saturday...Go through bins, boxes, and shelves trying to get ideas....found my kayaking hat which I was looking for the other day for HOURS! How in the world do you lose a hat in a 400 square foot motorhome? That and a bunch of other things that keep disappearing only to show up when you least expect it in a place you never expected!

5:30 PM..maybe there's something on the computer in the way of ideas...check craft sites, better work on blog a bit...Sparky sees spammers are really hitting her blog again...old posts, what's up with that? Delete junky comments which start out with poorly written compliments about our blog. "I really like your brussels." Hunh? And then they go on to promote their own website at the end...some guy from Golf Cart Rodeo or Finding do they find us? Who knows? Deleted about 30 anonymous spam comments but they keep coming every day and on OLD posts...

6:30 PM--Eldy is back!  "Did you get a lot done, hon?"  Well-l-l-l-lllll...yes and no....  :-)

Found out last night that Tampa had a tornado!!!!! Actually, a water spout that moved to land...once it hits land, it's officially a tornado..It did some damage--a couch ended up high in the air on top of a street lamp or something, but the tornado didn't even make the classification chart. Well, actually, it was classified as an EF-O on the chart. Winds 65-75 m.p.h.  So up north, we probably would have classified that as a "high winds" storm front. Sort of like when the Florida weather forecasters say "winter is returning to the area" and they are talking temperatures in the sixties! :-)

See you tomorrow!


  1. Lol...yup! Queen of sidetrack :-) I finally had to eliminate anonymous comments on my blog due to spam. I know they are robot posts, but they are strange!

  2. I have been getting spam comments too on OLD posts as well, but I do moderate them so they never make it to the posting.

  3. We went to the Indians spring training last year in AZ. We loved it. The players so much time with fans.

    You know what I say...A woman's work is never done. Eldy should have been home helping you with all that work...hehe

  4. I think Sparky and I have alot in common! Must be a girl thing? I can "piddle" along for hours in an effort to get one thing finished!

  5. I enjoyed my time alone and also had plans to get things done while the guys were at the game. Like you, I am Miss Random often starting one project and finding something else to do in the middle of it. Retirement is fun that way!