Wednesday, January 15, 2020

It's Been a LONG Time, How the Heck Are Ya?

We're doing great....Sparky and Eldo are getting the hitch it's off to the Tampa RV show tomorrow (Thursday). Sparky has been super busy subbing, Eldo has been super busy golfing. Today, Sparky went off to Matlacha to see her sister, who is down there for a few weeks. Sparky is just like her sister, we both love Matlacha.
It's a little ocean town full of quirky shops and equally quirky paint colors for the many, many home rentals there. It's a very SMALL town with one main drag, and parking is at a premium. That being said, you can walk all over town to get to restaurants and shops if you have the legs for it. People are very polite and friendly about letting you out onto the main drag after coming out of a restaurant parking lot. AND, they actually stop for pedestrians crossing the street! (A Florida law, but not all the tourists are aware of that.)
One of the shops
We decided to go kayaking, and we picked the perfect day to go. Sparky's sister is 77 and still loves to kayak and do stuff! Sparky hopes she will be that energetic in about 8 years from now! It couldn't have been a better day. Waters were calm, not a cloud in the sky, a slight breeze blowing.

We didn't see any wildlife...wrong time of day, we thought, for dolphins, which are usually hanging out around the main bridge.
Correction...we did see one pink flamingo....haha. Looked pretty real, until you got up close.

We were out for about two hours, exploring and talking up a storm. 
My sis has been through a lot...breast cancer three times, and a heart attack. She's doing better than ever and I'm so proud of her! She works hard to take care of herself and has a wonderful sense of humor and a wonderful, funny husband who looks out for her, too. We had a terrific time....we got back and decided to go for lunch on the water....
a nod to Florida's Spanish heritage
We ate at the Yucatan, which is a newly named restaurant in the old Sandy Hook (?) building on the island. It was delicious. Sparky highly recommends the Yucatan bread which is like the local "beach bread" that many of the restaurants serve--sort of a cheesy garlic bread with chopped tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and some delicious seasonings. Sparky also had clam chowder which was good, but not fantastic (a little too "gummy" for her taste)...and a nice house salad. Sis had clams in wine sauce which she really liked.
one of many murals--this one as you pass by on the water

Soon, it was time to head back to Sarasota/Bradenton....If you have never visited Matlacha and like quirky little artist colony/towns with lots of little shops to browse in and lots of choices for on the water dining, you will love Matlacha. (pronounced Mat-la-shay). 

Sparky and Eldo are headed to the Tampa RV show tomorrow. We are just looking....But we do miss RVing very much so we want to go see the latest and greatest at the show...

Bye for now!