Sunday, March 25, 2012

Up Periscope!

Sparky was out ON the water today, Eldo was AT the water....That means she was kayaking, and Eldo was ogling bathing beauties on the beach. (Now, now...Let there be TRUTHFUL blogging was practically all families at the beach today, the college co-eds have gone back home and back to school, E. chides) He says he doesn't have any good photos of the beach goers from his camera phone today, heh, heh, heh.

Sparky went back to the Wabasso Parkway little park, off highway 510, and set out to see the dolphins again...They were  messin' with her today...A fin would slowly rise out of the water, just like a submarine periscope, then SLO-O-W-LY sink below the water. It was like they were just doing reconnaissance today...come up, check things out, submerge again.

Some of the time, they came near Sparky's kayak, just to see what was up, then as fast as she could get her camera ready and focused, down they went and moved away.....

At one point, a pod of four were swimming near Sparky's kayak, and one came so close, Sparky could have reached out and touched the fin! That was a thrill! Again, it's so hard to know when they are going to come up, and the camera lens so slow, that Sparky just couldn't get the perfect photo. But she's getting closer at getting a decent shot....

A trio! Woo-hoo!
Lots of dolphins in the area today, but you've seen one, you've seen 'em all, right? Sparky promises that will be the last of the dolphin photos for now..

That sure is a great place to the Wabasso Causeway bridge area, and it's just about guaranteed that you will see the dolphins in the channel, crisscrossing back and forth. Sparky got some more good exercise today, chasing after them in her kayak....A great day, no threat of rain....Tomorrow, we'll see you at the beach! Both Eldo and Sparky hope to try out their boogie board in the waves...If there aren't any stinging Portugese Man O' War/shark/riptide  purple signal flags out....


  1. Oh, I'm so with you on getting a shot of a dolphin. . .I know exactly the shot you are looking for.

    I can spend hours. . .in fact, I spent two afternoons getting the perfect shot of a bluebird. . .I was DEE-termined!

    You gotta do whatcha gotta do. . .go for it!


  2. Have you heard about the pod of dolphins that were saved by the locals on a Brazilian Beach earlier this month? What a sight; and so glad it happened during the day so they could be saved ... here's the link.

  3. I think your dolphin pictures are great. I know from personal experience how difficult they are to photograph....been trying for 30 years to get that perfect shot..and haven't yet! Glad you liked Wabasso Causeway beach.

  4. Up close and personal with the dolphins, is sure a great experience.