Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sights and Sounds Abound!

Boy, are we in a great area! Sebastian, Vero Beach, Melbourne, lots of shore towns, two rivers--the Indian River and the Sebastian River, and of course, the Atlantic Ocean. Several state parks with great birding, kayaking and hiking, should we decide to walk instead of bike....Tons of great places to eat (that's not such a good thing, bemoans E. There goes our budget!) Well, honey, maybe we'll do happy hour two for one specials and share a meal now and then, to keep the budget from going down the toilet!

At any rate, we did some exploring today...we visited TWO chamber of commerces, one in Vero Beach, and one in Sebastian, and picked up lots of information about what's in the area. When you don't have a LOT of time to explore the area, it's a great way to get information from the locals who live there. Sparky pores over the literature, stars things that she wants to do, and bugs Eldo about the ones with three stars by them until he says yes.

Just kidding, Eldy is such a great guy, he almost always says yes....Most of the things Sparky picks, he enjoys doing them as well. And lest you readers feel that Eldo gets the short end of the bargain, he is going to be going to quite a few spring training baseball games, something HE likes to do. Here's our pile of literature..we spent the afternoon talking about where things are, the logistics of how we might do them in the next couple of days and deciding which ones are doable and which ones are not.

Today we drove up and down highway A1-A, the highway that runs along the coast. It's a scenic byway, but a lot of the ocean views are obscured by private homes and privacy screening vegetation. At one point, we stopped for lunch at a recommendation by the lady at the Chamber of Commerce--The Green Cabin, at the Disney Vero Beach Hotel. The Green Cabin is a very small bar/restaurant, decorated in shipwreck nautical decor, with artifacts from a shipwreck by the same name that went down off Vero Beach many years ago. They have great food, reasonable appetizer prices but a very small menu of flatbread sandwiches and burgers. In addition to a wonderful wooden bar and intimate seating in the bar area, the bar has a small outside seating area that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and beach. It was really wonderful! The surf was really high flags out and flying in a stiff breeze, you can't see the waves crashing against the shore, but it is a wonderful sound to our ears, we could listen to it for hours...No bugs, a nice breeze, it was hard to resist staying longer. Spark ordered a dessert to prolong the enjoyment---traditional cheesecake with an untraditional chocolate hard shell coating with raspberries and a raspberry sauce.....delish!
Here's another view from the Green Cabin restaurant outdoor deck...
The Disney Vero Beach Hotel is a cool place, an all-in-one inclusive resort. We looked around a bit, and thought, hey, this might be a great place to bring our children and their families down for next Christmas as a Christmas present...The pool area was really neat...
We briefly entertained the idea of bringing our families down here next Christmas, hoping to get everybody together for the holidays--it's such a beautiful, friendly place...until we found out the nightly rate was over 500.00 a night for a room or suite! For cottage accommodations  that sleep 13, it was over 1200.00 a night-- YIKES!  Not for us!

The weather has not been very good the last couple of days...although warm, we are getting lots of intermittent cloudbursts and it's very cloudy, we're waiting for it to improve for Sparky to get out on the water in her kayak....we'll see what tomorrow brings....Hopefully, better weather!


  1. $500 a night...they have to be kidding. Nothing is worth that much for one night! ~wheresweaver

  2. We stayed at a fun county campground just north of the Sebastian Inlet Bridge, Longpoint County Park. Almost every site is on the water. Water and Electric only, but you can launch your kayak right at your site;o))

  3. The Green Cabin looks like the kind of place we'd enjoy ... actually, almost anything that has an outside deck and reasonable food would qualify.

  4. I think you'd also like Bulow Plantation just north in Flagler Beach. The beaches there are not lined with buildings. You can actually see water from Hwy A1A. It's also a Thousand Trails park.

  5. I guess if it's Disney it's got to be............expensive. :-)