Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sparky's Dangerous with Barber Shears

Eldo was looking pretty scruffy! What's with men and their not wanting to go get a haircut while full timing? At least my man...Eldo will go weeks past needing a haircut until Sparky bugs him enough to go get one somewhere at the local barber, or she has to get out the barber buzzers and threateningly wave them around!  (Well, I was just waiting for my honey to get out the barber clippers, that's all!) Kelly, Sparky's daughter is here for a visit, and Sparky wanted Eldo looking his finest! The evidence:
I rest my case! No sign of Eldo going to get a haircut....sigh! Out came the barber clippers and.... TADA!
And here's the front...I don't have a before photo that came out well...but doesn't my man look a LOT better!?  He cleans up really nice! :-)
I think he worries that I'm going to go hog wild with the clippers and just buzz his whole head! The thought HAS occurred to me...He's got the perfect shaped head to be an egg head! I did manage to buzz the fuzz on the top of his head without him saying a word. (Of COURSE I am not going to say a word! The woman has the fuzz busters and my head in her hands...I'm gonna be a good boy, not move and just pray she trims the top and doesn't buzz it all off!) I hate to tell him, but I did buzz off the top....Now he's presentable for taking Kelly to a ball game today..... :-)

They drove to Sarasota today for the Baltimore Orioles vs. the Boston Red Sox at the Ed Smith Stadium....Here's  a cute photo of Kelly before the game.....
Kelly and Eldo had a great time at the game, but it was HOT, HOT, HOT...miserably hot and humid...That's why Mama Sparky stayed home...She visited with the neighbors, Ritchie and Nick at the pool for a bit, and then went for a bike ride in the neighborhood again where we rode yesterday. More turtles! This time a hard shell turtle or tortoise, not sure which.....They should put up a turtle crossing sign...this turtle was about in the same area as the last one...He wasn't in danger of getting hit by any cars, so on Sparky rode......
And then....a SANDHILL CRANE! Woo-hoo! Just one no partner anywhere in sight...coming up over the embankment from the golf course.....
He briefly stopped by Sparky's bike, probably wondering what kind of "bird" it was, then decided to go for a walk down the street in search of bugs.....
The Heritage Harbor/River Glen area is full of model homes, new development going up, lots of wildlife everywhere.....And beautiful ponds and marshes interspersed among the residential areas....
Complete with resident ducks...Anybody know what kind of duck has the white swath through the middle of their bodies?
Tomorrow, Kelly runs a 10K! I'm so proud of her for having the discipline to take care of herself and run  these races.

We'll see you later!


  1. What a great hair cut...looks so professional!
    That is the biggest, tallest Sandhill Crane I have ever seen. That thing is HUGE.
    Good luck to Kelly. What a huge undertaking. She should be very proud of herself! Enjoy your weekend. ~wheresweaver

  2. hmmmm. . .I have a set of those clippers also. . .and in fact asked hubby today, (before I read your post) if he thought it was about time for a haircut!

    Good job. . .and great pics!

  3. Good luck to Kelly in the 10K. I can do a walk, but have never enjoyed running.

  4. Very nice haircut on Eldo. Why pay a barber?? You did a great job!

    Looks like you are showing Kelly a very fine time.