Sunday, March 11, 2012

Last Day in Port St. Lucie....

Did we tell you there's a minor league ball park, Digital Domain, within a half mile of the RV park we are staying in? Did we tell you one of Eldy's retirement dreams was to follow his St. Louis Cardinals around Florida when they were in spring training? The St. Louis Cardinals played the New York Mets today just down the street from us! Off Eldy went to see his beloved Cardinals. Photos today are Eldy's from his iphone 4S. That camera on that phone is a very good one!

Here's Eldy's dream job in retirement should he ever decide to get one.....Spraying the fields......
He had a great time watching the Cardinals play...even if they did get beat by the Mets!  8-6.......
Eldy enjoyed the park......It wasn't the newest, but it wasn't all that old, either!
After the game, it was off on a quest for ice cream! NO Dairy Queens nearby, so we thought we'd try Tutti Fruitti...a frozen yogurt place. Now Sparky is definitely NOT a frozen yogurt fan, but it's good for you, and there were all these amazing toppings you could put on it to make it more palatable. It's a neat idea. You go in, pick your size bowl you want, and what flavor you want, and swirl it yourself!

Sparky picked strawberry cheesecake. What you have to keep in mind is, you can serve yourself as much as you want, but it gets WEIGHED at the end of the line to the tune of .43 an OUNCE.  Yogurt gets heavy really quickly, so Sparky kept it light. Eldo......well, let's just say, he likes to get his money's worth!

Sparky liked Tutti Fruitti! We'd go back again to get good tasting, healthy yogurt...tee hee hee.........Off to Vero Beach tomorrow for two weeks......We will be staying at Sunshine Travel RV Park in Vero Beach. See you there!

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  1. Glad to see Eldy had such a good time. Sounds like an interesting winter plan to follow the cards around for their spring training. Not for me since I don't like baseball, but for him I'll bet he'd be busy all the time.