Friday, March 30, 2012

Running a 10 K ---or NOT!

Sparky ran a 10K? Heck, no! But her daughter did! We got up at 6:00 AM this morning and traveled to Temple Terrace, FL, about an hour's drive from the Manatee RV Park for a good cause--to see Kelly run a 10K and to support the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. It was the 31st annual Wish Farms Strawberry Classic 10K-5K-Mile Race. The competitors got a pint of  Plant City Strawberries when they were finished, among other great handouts...There was a raffle for prizes if you entered the race, a cool tee shirt, and lots of other goodies.
Waiting in line for her numbered bib that has an electronic chip in it for photo finish
Stretching a bit
She wasn't very happy with her time, but Mama Sparky was thrilled that Kelly competed in the race! Here she's coming into the final hundred yards of the 10K.....Sparky moves into place to get a photo of Kelly crossing the finish line....

Doggone interference!

It was fun to see the race and watch all sorts of shapes and sizes come through the finish line....Moms with their babies in strollers running, very elderly people in their seventies and up running, the latest running wear, and all the cool shoes!

Sparky's favorite race that she has seen her daughter run in, was the South Bend, IN, SUNBURST Marathon race...they have the coolest music to rev up the runners before the race starts, and a terrific atmosphere that makes you want to take up the sport. But---Sparky has resisted the urge to start running....bad pronating ankles, arthritis in her toes....yada, yada, yada....

It takes a LOT of discipline to run regularly and travel to different sites for races, getting up an ungodly hours of the morning--I can say that now that I'm retired! To keep yourself physically in shape to do those things gets a lot harder as you get older and travel full time...We admire people who run as their choice of exercise...It can be very grueling. Kelly just ran a half marathon not too long ago! Wooo-eeeee! That's my girl! Running is not something that Sparky could ever do...never did, never liked it, never wanted to do it...Instead, Sparky has tried to stay fit through the years through aerobic exercise, Jazzercise, racketball, tennis, swimming, working out at the Y, and ballroom dancing. Since we've gone out on the road, it's a lot harder to find places to work out regularly, but it can be done. Sparky has kayaked quite a bit, used the fitness centers that are found in the "resort" type of places, hiked a LOT of trails with Eldy, and taken up bike riding much more consistently. She also has a little set of  8 pound free weights on board and some stretchy bands. When there are exercise classes offered at parks, Sparky will check those out...the main thing is, we all need to KEEP MOVING!

Great job, today, Kelly! You did it! And I am so proud of you!


  1. That's the key ... KEEP MOVING.

  2. I am sure Kelly didn't enter the race just for the end prize...pint of Plant City Strawberries. She should be so proud of herself for keeping in shape. Too many young girls just let themselves go...gain weight, get all tatooed up or pierced up, etc. Great job Kelly!

  3. Way to go Kelly!! Last race I ran was a 10 miler and I decided they are just charging too much for this old skin flint. I'll run my miles for free.

    Now a 1/w marathon I never even considered. Good for you!!

  4. make that 1/w a 1/2 please :-)