Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunshine Travel RV Park in Vero Beach

Here's a little review of the park we are at.....Sunshine Travel RV Park is a park with an address in Vero Beach, but really, it's closer to Sebastian, FL.  It's very close to I-95, located just off S.R. 512 but highway noise is not noticeable in the site we are in..#20.. There's a McDonald's within walking distance AND a Dairy Queen right across the street from the McDonald's. That's Eldy's weakness, Dairy Queen ice cream. (C'mon, Sparky, you LOVE their strawberry sundaes, confess!) Yup, I do...we'll be visiting D.Q. regularly as long as I keep riding my bike!  Rates for the park are 33.00-52.00 depending on what time of year you visit. Full hookups, 30-50 amp, basic cable channels, (VERY basic, nothing extra except the weather, reports E. No sports channels, phooey! And March Madness starts next week!) March Madness, what's that? asks Sparky. No, just kidding...I know what that is...I'd better know, being a Hoosier and around I.U. basketball and Bobby Knight all those years!

Thousand Trails members stay for practically free, and that's why we are here!

Sites are close together, but certain sections of the park seem to have more widely spaced sites. We were initially placed on a tight site that was surrounded by park models, but we asked to be moved to an outside row in the park and they graciously accommodated us. Now we have a greener view out the front windshield, a row of dense palms and trees that defines the outer edge of the park boundary. We are still quite close to the guy next to us, but he's a quiet guy....in his eighties, we think...He's on oxygen, sad to say...It's nice to see neighbors coming to visit him....

Speaking of neighbors, we've met the neighbors on both sides of us, they are friendly and helpful. The atmosphere of the park is VERY friendly, everybody waves and says hi when you go by.... Small pool but it's actively being used unlike some pools we've seen in big motorcoach resorts where nobody swims in them!
Water aerobics class
There is a very nice laundry facility...it seems some of the park's amenities are very old and not in very good shape like the mini golf course, and other parts have been recently upgraded. The laundry looks relatively new...

The shuffleboard courts look great....We've never played but perhaps some day....
The concrete pads are not in the best of shape and are quite narrow...the roads in and around the park are in need of repair....Hopefully, that's on their "to-do" list. Most sites are level.....
You can see the sites are close together...maybe that's why it's such a "neighborly" park!
We like it that it's got lots of trees....something to be said for a "mature" park....
It's a pretty park...full hookup, basic cable...lots of activities going on...cards, kayak trips, entertainment, dinners, etc. There is a decent bike/walking sidewalk that goes for several miles outside the park.  There is some great kayaking to be had here...Lots of inlets and waterways, Sebastian River, Indian River Lagoon, and if you REALLY want a challenge, the Atlantic Ocean. Sparky will pass on the Atlantic Ocean...The South Prong of the Sebastian River will do just fine, thank you! Sparky is excited! AND there is a nice state park, Sebastian Inlet State Park....can't wait to explore the area!

And that's the scoop on the Sunshine Travel RV park for now...see you later!


  1. I don't know if you're still there, but Fort Pierce Inlet State Park has some great (easy and safe) kayaking. That's where we rescued a swimming gopher tortoise last fall.

  2. I don't know if you're still there, but Fort Pierce Inlet State Park has some great (easy and safe) kayaking. That's where we rescued a swimming gopher tortoise last fall.

  3. Nice summary of the park. I have a very good feel for it. Hope you enjoy your stay. Love those blizzards but they aren't on my agenda anymore after reading The China Study.

    Sebastian Inlet State park is where we stayed that I loved. Not the campground so much but their beach. Go over and check it out although they are under some renovations at the moment. But both the Beach blogs were from there.