Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sparky, the Big Kahuna

Sparky is going to whine for a moment about how she hates to get her photo taken in her bathing suit, and feels like she looks like a big whale! OK, the whining moment is over....Sparky had a blast at the beach today with our boogie board that we bought the other day....
view through our little cabana tent
We visited Golden Sands Beach today, about a 20 minute drive from our RV park. Take a right out of Sunshine Travel RV park, down to highway 510. Hang a right...Take 510 east all the way to A1A, turn north, it's about a mile and a half down on the ocean side--big parking lot, nice bathroom, plenty of beach for everyone. It was a yellow/purple flag day today at the beach....which means rip currents, man o wars (those stinging jellyfish) and a sudden drop off at the shore line, like a ditch which is called a shorebreak....the stinging man o' wars are being pushed into shore by a steady southeast breeze this past week. We set up our little blue cabana, got out our picnic lunch and enjoyed the waves and the beach for the afternoon.
No problem! Spark is NOT deterred from going in and trying out the boogie board today! She tried out the froggy's really for the grandkids, but Sparky wanted to try it out anyway....
Now, it's been a LONG time since Sparky went wave jumping and body surfing, but she sure remembers what it's like for a big wave to smash into you. You think you are prepared, but sometimes you're not! Today took her straight back to being shoved around by the waves at Kenilworth Beach as a young girl growing up blocks from Lake Michigan.

Sparky got at least one pummeling by a wave which caused her to do a somersault in the water, causing water to jam up her nose which made her sputter and cough as she came up for air. Eldo was laughing his head off. Gr-r-r-r...She'd like to see HIM come out and brave the waves.....(But honey, I have to take some photos for the kids so they can see their mom having fun today!)  That's HIS story!
Sparky finally got some wave action of her own choosing.....
And she rode a few waves.....
Getting some pretty good long rides.....
It was great to get back into the swim of things! But I'll tell you one thing...getting pummeled by the bigger waves makes you realize how careful you have to be out there....the waves can really turn you inside out in a heartbeat and knock the wind out of you. It's a good thing Golden Sands is a lifeguarded beach. Sparky wouldn't have it any other way.......Tomorrow, we'll show you the bathing beauties at the beach!


  1. I've never been very comfortable in the water, so no boogie boards for me ... I'll just sit on the beach and watch you having all the fun. (P.S. I share your thoughts about being photographed in a swimsuit!)

  2. Looks like you had a great time! And you did manage not to have your picture taken in a bathing suit. LOL I dom't think there re any women over 25 who think they look OK in their bathing suits. But I still Wish I were there.

  3. What a hoot and a great time to have... sometimes we need to find the kid inside of us, and forget what we look like in a swim suit.

    If we were camped next to you, I would be on a board right next to her in the waves!~

    Karen and Steve
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