Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Midway Campground in the Everglades

Midway is a great place to be if you want to explore the Everglades...about 19 miles from the Shark Valley entrance to the Everglades National Park, and about two miles from the Oasis Center which has a fantastic boardwalk for viewing BIG alligators. We're also not too far from Everglades City where there are all kinds of ways to explore the Everglades...and if you need a big town fix, you can drive to Naples, about 45 miles away or Miami, if you desire....

This is a beautiful campground, just doesn't have all the amenities like water hookups, sewer, or  campground showers. The only hookup is 30 or 50 amp at each site, and it's big rig friendly. They also have campground flushing toilets which is a good thing for some of these little campers that are in here....The regular rate is 19.00 a night unless you have the "old person's pass"...the senior pass, which you can get at age 62. We've got that, and it is a fantastic deal! You get in FREE at any national park, and half-price camping in a lot of government type places such as Corps of Engineer Parks and national forests.

There is a central pond/lagoon here at Midway....with TWO resident alligators...We saw them yesterday....

The campground has a nice picnic areas and areas for tent camping as well.....

Here is another shot of this pretty campground....
The campground is definitely big rig friendly....just be sure to come in with plenty of water...Ahem! AHEM! A certain rig had to pull its slides in this morning to go fill its tanks after ONE day at the campground, just about running out of water, because the tank wasn't full when we came in! Oh, well! Not that big a deal...good to get all the water used up out of the freshwater tank, right El?   :-) It's just a little bit of a chore to unhook the electric, stow stuff, head down to the water spigot and then back into the site again, looking a little sheepish about having to get water!

There's lots of great stuff to see just in the area outside the campground as well....Sparky went on a quick bike ride down highway 41, which is not such a good idea if it's a busy time of day...She went early in the morning and watched the traffic very carefully. Here's what she saw:

The "air plants" on the host trees blooming....very pretty red blooms....
There are so many gators waiting in the wings, Sparky is not sure she wants to go kayaking on the Turner River tomorrow...but people go all the time, so what's the worry?

Stay tuned to see if Sparky goes or not.......


  1. If you're brave enough to bike on highway 41, my guess is you're brave enough to kayak in the an inflatable boat. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the info on Midway. Sounds like you had no trouble getting a site. But no picture of the Tiffin in the site??

    Not sure what to tell you about an inflatable boat in alligator territory. They've never been interested in us in our hard sided. Just make sure the water isn't low so you might get snagged on something sharp.

    I'll be waiting with my fingers crossed. :-) BTW, am I in your will??

  3. Others have also liked that park. We will have to try it next we head that way. Not sure I would want to be in a tent with the gators wandering around:)

  4. Hmm ... we were in a fiberglass dugout with crocodiles ... not sure I would felt as comfortable being around them in an inflatable. We'll be waiting with fingers crossed to hear about your adventure (or not) :-)))