Friday, March 2, 2012

Mallory Square "Madness"

Unless you have seen it, you can't imagine the craziness at Mallory Square near sunset. It's THE place to go to watch the sun go down....There are all kinds of entertainers there, trying to make a buck...lots of fire eaters, stunt guys doing crazy things with ladders, wire, juggling stuff, and singers who would get booted out of a place back home if they tried to get a gig, but here they are, in Mallory Square, trying to earn a living...or in some cases, we hope this is their side job!

By the time we got to Mallory Square, it was jam packed with people.....

There were entertainers eaters, ladder stunt guys, comedians, singers, and crafts. (Did you say CRAFTS? asks E. No wonder she disappeared for awhile and I couldn't find her!) Yeah, but nothing special as far as crafts goes...Everybody is there for the sunset, the atmosphere, and the entertainment. The couple of guys we watched were hilarious and made the crowds laugh-a LOT! Here was our favorite.....What he did wasn't out of the ordinary circus style performing, but his facial antics, his engagement of the crowd was really terrific! He was quite the showman, very personable, and we thoroughly enjoyed his antics!
If you want to see the sunset, you'd probably have to get there at least a couple hours beforehand to get a place to sit on the dock or in a spot where you could get a really good view unobstructed by the throngs of people. All the tour boats are out in the harbor, or in the bay, whatever you call it, ready and willing to take your money and take you out on the water to view the sunset.....

Although we got there about a half hour before sunset, we still managed to see it...and here it is........just a few moments before it went down.......This is my favorite view of the sunset at Mallory Square......

Goodnight....and until tomorrow......Eldy and Jeannie............


  1. Some of our other blogger friends are at Mallory Square. They said it is a sight to see also. Great picture! ~wheresweaver

  2. Our favorite, of course, was the crazy cat guy! Brought back some fun memories and silly as it is, I loved Mallory Square. Humanity at it's craziest, creative, goofy self.

  3. glad to see you are still havin' fun fun fun!!

    Beautiful sunset!

  4. Beautiful sunset. . .you know, I'm always willing to toss something into the hat of a street entertainer.

    I can really appreciate that they are making an effort to make a buck. . .guys standing on the side of the road asking for a handout. . .not so much! Is that terrible of me. . .

    I love sharing all your great experiences. . .keep up the great blog!