Friday, March 2, 2012

Key West Second Day

First, a stop back at Sloppy Joe's for their fantastic fish dip and to check out the band...this group of guys was great, as usual, and check out the drummer's equipment! We had never seen that before...I would think his back would get VERY tired having to lean over his drum equipment. He had foot pedals but the main sound was with his hands. It was a great sound!

They said one of the marlins on the wall is Ernest Hemingway's, the famous writer who spent about four years here in Key West....

Off to walk around and have a happy hour cocktail or two at different places....Two for one margaritas--hard to pass that up!
Hear some REAL rock and roll from some really hardened, grizzly guys who have probably been there, done that! This guy had a GREAT rock and roll voice and was really belting out some good stuff!

We saw the Conch Train, a nice tour that we took last year. You learn a lot about the history of Key West. It is a very interesting place, and that tour was well worth it. Lots of wonderful architecture to see in town, along with learning all about the famous residents and visitors....

We checked out the smallest bar in Key West, but didn't go in even though it wasn't crowded early in the afternoon....
Checked out the store fronts, watch the people and interesting vehicles go by.....This guy had a puffer fish for a hood ornament, among other interesting marine animals on his truck. Great paint job, buddy! Sparky gave him a thumbs up, he gave her a thumbs up back......

If you go down to the docks at the harbor, right in front of the Commodore Restaurant, they feed the tarpons at 5:00 PM daily. We missed the tarpon feeding, and sorry we did! There were a few of them still hanging around the feeding station at the dock. It was fun to see some really really big ones that missed getting caught on camera.

We watched the boats go in and out of the those schooners! You can go out on a cruise on some of the bigger schooners, and there were plenty of people waiting to head out this evening.

Time to head over to Mallory Square......We'll share the highlights of the entertainers and the gorgeous sunset with you tomorrow!


  1. Key West is certainly one of the most unique places in this country. Have fun! Well how can you not?

  2. love KW glad to see you two enjoying it...