Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's Happenin', Sparky?

Not much....attended the yoga exercise class this morning and was THAT a stretch for the ole tight hamstrings, back muscles, shoulder muscles, well, you get the picture! I must be wound so tight, I'm an accident waiting to happen as far as a pulled muscle or ligament. Got to get in shape for future pickleball matches! No wonder I hurt my Achilles tendon a couple of years ago, playing tennis as a weekend warrior with my youngest brother Charlie. It took me almost a year and a half to recover from that.

I can see that I have a lot of work to do as far as getting some more flexibility and better posture, so I'm going to keep going with the yoga. It's kind of interesting, getting to know your body and paying more attention to it!  (I can do that! grins E.) Well, yeah, but I have to learn more about breathing and holding my posture better and just paying more attention to doing those darn stretching moves so I don't hurt so much in the mornings when I get up! So gotta do that on my own, sweetie! (Sigh!)

After yoga this morning, we went to a yarn shop in Summerfield, FL, about 45 minutes from Webster, so I could get some yarn for my class. Notice I said, "WE". I had Eldy accompany me, at least take me there so 1) I wouldn't spend as much time in the shop as if I were by myself, lessening the amount of temptation that presented itself, and 2) so I wouldn't get lost! I got what I needed but still was amazed at how fast the "stash" accumulated in about ten minutes. It was a beautiful shop called "The Yarn Lady". She had all the scarf yarns in stock, and LOADS of unique and specialty yarns. I tried to avert my eyes as much as possible, focusing on scarf yarns only, but it was HARD not to look at everything. Lots of people knitting at tables, lots of eye candy, a very busy store!
Mission accomplished! I got what I needed to teach my scarf class on Saturday. Eldy agreed to have lunch at the Ay, Jalisco Mexican Restaurant in the Villages, which was very close by, which was really nice of him, as he is NOT a fan of Mexican food....Aye, carumba! How can you not be a fan of Mexican food!?  Well, easy...just like Sparky is not a fan of....u-m-m-mm....uhhhhhhh....geez, can't think of any food I don't like at the moment, imagine that!

An easy day, a great way to spend a rainy day.....Back home we came, and off to a wine tasting, chicken parmesan spaghetti supper at the clubhouse at Florida Grande for 6.00 a person.....visited with the neighbors at our table, and enjoyed swapping travel stories and hearing tales from others who have had interesting jobs and experiences while traveling....Tomorrow is Pilates for Sparky, and the RV Chat Forum with Cummins for Eldo. See you there!


  1. Al isn't a big fan of Mexican food either, but he will eat tacos and will take me to a Mexican restaurant occasionally!

  2. Thought you said awhile back that the MoHo was well insulated with Yarn. Should have used it up first as it can develop a musky smell just being packed away with no air circulation.

    We're like Al don'tmind the tacos.

    It's about time.

  3. You are a very busy bee. Glad you are having fun.