Friday, January 6, 2012

More Going On Than We Thought!

There's always more to a town than meets the eye....Riding a bike through the streets of Webster is a little depressing...This is a town that is struggling economically like so many places. Webster is an old, old town...population 850 or thereabouts....Signs on the buildings are very old....The buildings themselves are very old.....There's old stuff for sale everywhere....It's a great town for OLD people to find bargains, antiques, and memories. (HEY, now, watch it Sparky! We're both seniors, here!) Yup! But I'm still in denial..... (And HOW! E. exclaims)

Need parts for an old Studebaker? They've got a shop here in Webster...

The local library even has a civil war archives......The local flea market is really old, too. It's one of the largest flea markets in the country...It's empty right now, open only on Mondays.... The population of the town of Webster swells with the onslaught of retirees and anybody else who might have Mondays off.  It will be quite the experience come Monday! Everybody and their brother goes to the flea market on Mondays.....

Eldy went to his first activity at Florida Grande...the RV chat session...We'll tell you about that tomorrow.....

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  1. We went to that flea market last year, but it was real windy so we didn't stay too long.

    There is also an interesting place in nearby Centerville (I think). They sell the fabric for the rv sunshades. A lot of people use that fabric to hand down from the awning to block afternoon sun. It's about $1.50 a running foot and they have every color you could imagine. A lot of people in our rv park were using it for outdoor mats, so we bought one and have loved it. We are going back this year to purchase fabric to make tire covers. They have all the attachments so you can make this stuff. They also sell some things ready made.

    Here is the link from my blog last year.

    We also got a sunshade for the rear window in the old motorhome. It attached by suction cups and was nice on a few occasions, and easy to attach and take down.