Friday, January 13, 2012

We're in the ZONE!

Woweee!!!! Wheee-eeee-eeee! I feel like those pig commercials on TV after attending the Tampa RV show and stepping foot inside some pretty darn expensive motor COACHES at the show today. How about looking around inside a 1.9 million dollar plus Marathon/Prevost coach? We always wanted to see one. So Sparky took off her shoes, a requirement, stepped inside and immediately committed a faux pas, a boo-boo, a big mistake....SHE TOOK A PHOTO. Oops! Sorry! BUT I HAVE THE PHOTO AND HERE IT IS......
We're talking heated real wood floors, walk in tiled showers, bath and a half with luxury faucets and free standing bowls, cooktop stoves, push button windows, all-in-one TV's that control the climate, the windows, the internet and everything you could think of...Here's the interior of a Newmar coach, about seven hundred fifty thousand plus....

You wanna see some glitz? Some glamour? How about the plumbing system on a Liberty coach, another over a million coach, almost two million......Wow! Look at those beautiful copper pipes!

Wait---there's more!

We signed up to get some great deals on camping stays as in FREE.....Actually, maybe we weren't not THAT excited as the pigs on TV, but we're excited for a couple different reasons...We're thrilled because Thousand Trails was offering the zone membership again...Pick one zone 199.00...(show price)...You get 30 nights camping for "free", then 3.00 a night after that...So you are paying about 6.63 a day. So-o-o-o, we were going to buy a zone, possibly two. Until we saw THE DEAL. You and the friend of your choice sign up at the same time and you can get ALL the zones in the United States for 499.00. You get 60 nights of extremely low cost camping then 3.00 a day after that...There was just one problem....

We didn't have any friends around us to take advantage of the offer....Some of our blogging friends are in the keys, other friends were at the show but we weren't able to contact them....So the Thousand Trails people dug another couple up that were in the same situation, which took care of the "buddy" membership requirement. We took the plunge and got all four zones for 499.00. We get 60 nights at the low cost of 6.00 a day anywhere at a Thousand Trails park in the four zones, then three dollars a night after that. You can book 60 days out for reservations. You get to stay two weeks max at any Thousand Trails park, then you have to be a week out before coming back in again. There is something called a Max Your Pass available for 199.00 that is somehow connected to single zone purchases. It's a little complicated on that, so come on out to the Tampa RV show to find out about it. We are VERY excited to be able to have all the zones (82 Thousand Trails Parks in the system) to save money this coming year! Actually, we are going to come out ahead this year because we can start using the TT parks in Florida! And if I've made any boo-boos on information, Eldy will correct me when I get back from my sister's.

Speaking of friends, we finally connected with one of our very loyal followers who started reading us the very first blog post! Gary Miller has been on board with us since the beginning and it was GREAT to meet him and his lovely wife. He's the one that told us about tying the awning toppers down with bungee cords and rope way back when Eldy was having trouble sleeping with the many winds we've had this past year in our travels. We caught up with them at the show today and had a great talk about travels and all sorts of things...Glad to finally meet you guys!

Well, this is my last post until I get back from Detroit....I'm visiting my sister and helping her celebrate birthday #70. She's had breast cancer twice, is healthy and well, and happy to have made it this far in life. We're gonna celebrate! Eldy will be holding down the fort at Webster, visiting with our terrific neighbors Ritchie and Nick, and they will be trying to keep him out of trouble while I'm gone. We'll see you back here on Monday night or Tuesday morning.....Bye for now!


  1. Wow! Thanks for the tour of the mansion RVs. And that is SO great that you got such an awesome deal with Thousand Trails RV parks! we have been looking into that, but not sure yet. If we had been offered THAT deal, it would have been a big YES!

  2. my only regret for being in the Keys was missing the Tampa show to look at thousand trails memberships... the price we had to pay :)

  3. Glad to hear you are in the zone! It's nice you were able to get the entire country for $499. Keep in mind, that is only 3 parks in Florida unless you buy the MAX PASS.

  4. Love to look at those expensive coaches just for fun, to see how the rich live.
    Have fun visiting and celebrating with your sister.

  5. Why do they always have to put those ceiling lights in the really expensive RVs? Looks like the inside of a casino!
    We've thought about Thousand Trails but never sure if it's worth it. Will be anxious to see what you think.

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  7. We loved our zone program so much we chose to upgrade to the real thing. . .we wanted to be able to go from park to park without having a week out. . .but as you know from using it in the Northwest. . .you will love your zones!


  8. Whoooeeewwwwiieeee For 2 million, does it include a chauffeur, maid and butler too?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Oh My!! I coud never " camp" in one of those! It just wouldn't be right.....would it? Where do people with these RVs stay? Certainly not where we hang out.

    Mike and Dee