Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sparky and Eldo Win BIG!

Tonight was Florida Grande's annual shrimp scampi dinner and auction. Dinner was delicious! Florida Grande really knows how to put on a great tasting dinner for tons of people. Dinner was 6.00 a person for a great salad with tons of veggies and different greens in it, shrimp scampi or spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread. Even the cooks got into the spirit and dressed for the occasion!

Eldo bought an "arm's length" of auction tickets for 10.00 and we went around looking at all the donated items....terrific selection! Everything from handpainted and hand carved items, grill items, tire covers, gift certificate stays at other RV resorts, jewelry, purses, restaurant certificates, etc. Whatever you hoped to win, you put in your purchased auction tickets in a dish in front of the item, as many as you wanted to for each item. Eldy hoped for free golf rounds, so he threw in a couple of tickets, and Sparky, because she has Eldo's back, threw in a couple more when he wasn't looking.

AND WE WON! Four rounds of golf at a really nice golf course in the area!

AND WE WON AGAIN! Sparky won a hand crafted quilted purse...another tote for her knitting projects....(sigh! Whatever makes her happy!) I'm happy, Eldo's happy! We're happy campers!
We had a great time with lots of laughter...our neighbors, Ritchie and Nick were at our table keeping us in stitches, along with some new friends that we have met since our stay here. We'll have to get a photo of Ritchie and Nick, they are great people! There are so many great people here at Florida Grande, we are really enjoying our stay and the friendliness of the park. It's the best!  See you tomorrow at the RV chat......


  1. Congratulations! Did Eldy already have clubs for his new golf hobby??

  2. Congratulations. I guy you know the golf prize will actually cost lots of money:)