Monday, January 9, 2012

Gate Guard Duty

We've heard about that...gate guarding at oil refineries, big businesses or factories---you work two 12 hour shifts as a couple to cover 24 hours. The pay is terrific...but varies from job to job...That is just too much time for us, we're not ready for something like that, although our budget might be one of these days!

No, this was a three hour volunteer shift at the front gates of the Florida Grande RV Resort..Sparky volunteered to watch the gate, write down license plates of visitors wanting to check the place out, and generally speaking, be a friendly greeter. Much more fun than being a Wally World greeter! She checked to make sure people got through the gates ok, and watched for big rigs coming in to tell them where to go for the staging area....Only one came in today and they knew where they were going...wife pulled in in the tow vehicle, had a gate clicker in her car, so she opened the gate and the big rig blew in past me before Sparky could say, "Hi! Do you know where you are going?" Well, phooey! She was all ready to give the friendly "welcome to the neighborhood" speech. Oh, well....Sparky will definitely do this another time...It was a great way to read, knit, and chitchat with people coming and going into the park. The guy whose shift ended right before hers used to deliver Studebaker taxi cabs to New York, which exclusively used Studebakers back in the '50's. Sparky was just a babe in the woods in the 1950's and not in South Bend at that time, but she just listened and learned a bit about South Bend back then.

People stopped by to talk about the park, things to do, it was fun! Time passed quickly, and soon it was time to head back home for an early supper...Tomorrow is an arts and crafts festival at a place called The Villages. Should be fun! See you there!


  1. Well you certainly looked like a friendly greeter!

  2. Looks like a fun job to me!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Sounds like an interesting job. I am sure it will have it moments:)

  4. Hope you enjoyed your day as the greeter. We certainly enjoyed the post. Have a great week!