Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sparky's Culinary Caper!

We had a wonderful day today..Eldy worked on getting the salt off the coach from Naples....People stopped by and asked about what products he used to get such a shiny finish...Wash and Wax All... It's so easy to get the dirt off with this product! We bought it at Nick's rally in Celina, OH this past fall. Eldy loves it.

Sparky had to come up with a main dish for tonight's potluck small feat, as Sparky doesn't like to cook...An easy solution....pork tenderloin....sprinkle Mrs. Dash citrus blend on two tenderloins, and throw a few sectioned oranges on the top and throw it in the convection oven...It turned out great! There was lots to eat at the potluck, and some great desserts....Sparky is inspired to cook more! (That will last about a day! bemoans E.) Sparky has been sampling the eats at Publix grocery stores in the Florida markets. Ordinary people cooking gourmet style meals....(Hm-m-m-m, this sounds familiar, says E. Didn't you blog about this last year?) I dunno....All I know is, when someone cooks up a meal in the store, it ALWAYS tastes better when THEY make it! At any rate, Sparky has been taking home the recipe cards. She actually made up one meal that was made in the grocery store, and it was pretty good!  It was some kind of roast beef with gorgonzola and mushroom cream sauce. Let's see, the recipe is around here somewhere.....Can't find stuff in the motorhome these days....(Uh, could it be because the craft supplies are overtaking the motorhome? wonders E.)  Uh, could be, gotta get more organized!

There was entertainment tonight...A guy all by himself..we don't know his name, but boy, could he sing!.He comes the first Monday of every month..He played everything from 60's to 80's, so there was something for everyone....We danced up a storm..Often we got up to dance when nobody else was on the floor! Not an easy thing to do when there's no one else out there! But a few glasses of wine helped. We made quite an impression, apparently...several people came up to us afterwards, introduced themselves and said what a delight it was to see us out on the dance floor!

This is the friendliest park we have ever been in...People stop by all the time if we are outside, sitting in chairs or working on the coach. People came up to us at the potluck supper, introduced themselves and told us how glad they were to see us here...We really are impressed with the friendliness of the park. It's wonderful. We're even thinking about staying another month!

Sorry for no photos today...we were too busy enjoying ourselves to take any! Tomorrow, Sparky takes on guard duty at the front gate Saturday afternoon. It will be her responsibility to greet new guests, check out those who just want to drive through and close and open the gates--a position of responsibility! No toilet paper duty today! haha......In case you missed that blog, Sparky volunteered to be "helpful" and got to replace the toilet paper in the bathrooms one day....


  1. Boy they'd better be careful with you as the greeter. The place will be over full!! But I guess they'd actually like that a lot so manybe that's why they gave you such an important volunteer job.

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying the new campground. I know how you hated to leave Naples.