Sunday, January 29, 2012

Florida Grande is for Wine-O's!

It's early in the evening, but they're already having fun!
And lots of other people with lots of other interests! Sparky just happens to love wine, and "audited" an "Attitude Adjustment Class" this evening which involved painting and drinking lots of wine, not necessarily in that order! (Sparky should have signed up, she LOVES wine!) People got dressed up in berets and painting smocks and had a great time following the instructions of their illustrious leader....

This is a class offered once a month by the Florida Grande RV Resort. Bring a bottle of your favorite wine, some hors d'oeuvres, and learn how to paint a cute painting offered by a knowledgeable instructor who has the patience of a saint to teach 12 participants who are imbibing as she instructs. Get involved with wine, a Name that Wine contest, Spit and Sip wine trivia, and find out little known wine facts as you paint your very own masterpiece!

If you are not into wine, there's always model building...Our next door neighbor, Nick, is helping Chuck build a rather large airplane....It's coming along nicely......
There's street golf, line dancing, yoga, Pilates, computer/photography class, sewing and quilting, a knit and crochet group, jewelry classes, a great pool, the usual cards in the evenings....never a dull moment at Florida Grande! We'll see you somewhere in the next few days...We're not sure where we'll be!


  1. I love the Attitude Adjustment Class! What a super idea. I can't even color in the lines so I am not sure how good I would be at painting BUT...I love wine. You three look like you are having so much fun. Great idea! ~wheresweaver

  2. I wish I had known you could audit a wine class. I would have been first in line:)

  3. A class that has anything to do with wine sounds like a good one to me!