Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We're Maxed Out!

Not only do we now have all the Thousand Trails zones in the U.S., but we picked up the Max Your Pass for Florida for an additional 199.00. While I was visiting my sister, Eldy was getting a few minor wrinkles ironed out with our Thousand Trails contract, which was a new contract in the system for the Tampa RV show, one which all four U.S. zones could be coupled with the Max Your Pass in Florida. We discovered that if you get the entire U.S. zone at the Tampa RV show, the contract is for FIVE years, and not one or two as with individual zones...But that's ok, we are full timers and plan to still be using the Thousand Trails membership each year. In our minds, that's a short period of time in the grand scheme of things. Heck, we're just getting started! We realize lots could change in a heartbeat, but we're willing to trade the locked in time span of five years for fantastic savings to our travel budget and in return get lots of parks to stay in all over the country along with a chance to stay in the Thousand Trails park in the Florida Keys for two weeks for very little. We've booked two weeks in the Keys for the middle of February and it's only going to cost us about 11.60 a day since we will just start using the membership after we leave here. Woo-hoo! We've got 60 days of extremely low cost camping, and after that 60 days, it only costs us 3.00 a day to stay at Thousand Trails resorts....There are 9 alone in Florida for the Max Pass + Southeastern zone pass....

AND----with all the savings of the zone memberships, providing Sparky isn't too picky about campgrounds, she ought to be able to rack up enough savings to get that Sea Eagle 385 inflatable kayak pretty quickly! Let's just say she's highly motivated!

Riding along the county roads
What did we do today? Sparky knitted at the morning knit and kvetch group----Eldy did laundry... Sparky did a 7.0 mile bike ride today on county roads nicely balanced with shade and sunshine...beautiful HUGE live oak trees with that Spanish moss or whatever lichen it is.....Saw two sandhill cranes in a field...Even though there isn't much water around other than ponds for cattle to drink from, it's surprising how many sandhill cranes are in the area.....Or are these whooping cranes?

The live oaks with all the moss hanging down are just beautiful at certain times of the day when the sunlight filters through......
I stopped to notice wonder just how all that moss gets started and gets growing? And then I remembered one of our nature hikes in previous travels and the discussion about epiphytes--plants that just need air and a little moisture and establish roots without soil...sort of like a host and resident guest sort of relationship...My science background of working in the schools is fading....sybiosis? At any rate, this is what they look like just starting out......

What are we doing tomorrow? Let's see, from 9-10:00 AM it's Pilates, 10:00 there's street golf, (have no idea what that entails, maybe I'll send Eldy down to check it out!) at 1:00 PM-- line dancing, at 5:00 PM, a wine tasting pasta night at the clubhouse, and at 7:00 PM, Hand and Foot cards.....no shortage of things to do, that's for sure! Not sure I'll do any of those, but if we want to, we can!

We like Florida Grande so much, we've decided to stay an additional week, putting us one week into February. And besides, Eldy has signed up for golf lessons with a pro at a top notch golf course for 125.00 for a three hour lesson once a week for three weeks..Video taping his swing is part of the facilities' lessons. Eldy is anxiously awaiting to hear when it starts!  Florida Grande..it's a great place!


  1. Looking forward to your impressions of the TT campgrounds.

  2. Those are definitely Sand Cranes.

    I'm so glad you got the Max Pass. That's been the best thing for us..in fact we have yet to use the regular TT membership.

    I hope you get your new kayak before you go to the Keys because the kayaking there is amazing.

    I think Eldy would like it too. You can kayak all over in 2 feet of water! The Fasttrack 385 would seat two paddlers!

    We're heading back to the Keys in March. Our TT membership costs us $3.00 a night after the first 30 days of free camping.

  3. Sounds like a great deal you got with TT. Sure sounds like you can stay busy at your park. Enjoyed the pic's.

  4. Sounds like you got a deal on the park memberships. Great pics of the trees:)