Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hook, Line, and Sinker!

Are we talking about the HUMONGOUS shrimp we saw at the Webster Flea Market this morning? Nope!
Are we talking about how they trap  the gators so they can sell you gator heads at the Webster Flea Market? Nope!
Sparky didn't ask how much they were.....

Are we talking about all the people who get suckered into buying bargain junk "stuff"?  Maybe.....
Maybe we are talking about the super duper, fast talking sales pitch Sparky fell for at the booth where the guy was selling THE SALSA EXPRESS-DELUXE EDITION--AS SEEN ON TV.  Yep! She got so excited, "LOOK AT HOW FAST THAT GUY IS CHOPPING STUFF!" that Eldo turned to her and said, "Do you want one of those?" DO I??????? Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic??????  (Is Sparky actually going to use that stuff to cook for us???? wonders E.) YEAH! And just like that, Sparky is the proud owner of the SALSA EXPRESS DELUXE EDITION, the ultimate kitchen salsa express. Eight in one functions...Twenty bucks, what a deal! Wow!  Sparky LOVES salsa, so this machine WILL BE USED!!!! AND---it slices! It grates! It shreds! It juliennes! Whatever that means. Actually, I do know what that means...very thin sliced cuts like sticks, I think! Keep going, Sparky!  It separates egg whites! It's a blender! It's a whipper! It's a mixer!...AND---it's a juicer! Well, GOLLLLLLLYYYYY!

The darn thing has one of those "express" manuals, too...You open it up and there's two language versions, English and Spanish and they are about as short as short can be...There's the list of parts but they don't tell you how to put it together. The manual is rife with mispellings and grammar errors....They give you a bunch of recipes that are short and not much explanation to those which blade to use is not mentioned in any of them.  But that's I just gotta figure out how to put it together....Geez, there's a lot of parts!
There's the usual flea market stuff--cheap perfume, clothing, sox, old drugstore stuff that you aren't sure when it expired, name brand tee shirts for a couple of bucks, fit- over -your -glasses sunglasses for eight bucks as opposed to twenty at Walmart, cigar boxes and cigars, tools, bungee cords, beads, (thank God there was no yarn! says E.)......Wonderful produce like these huge strawberries....

Wanna buy some sugar cane, little girl? Here's the REAL stuff!
We really enjoyed our trip to the flea market today....gotta get there before 10:00 AM, though, it's a madhouse after that! Plenty of places to eat and shop and people watch....Sparky and Eldo's kind of place! A quieter day tomorrow....Sparky leaves in a couple of days to go see her sister, so you won't be seeing the blog for three days while she's in Detroit.....Just an F.Y.I........


  1. Landscape around Detroit is supposed to turn white starting tomorrow.

    It's about time.

  2. Oooh them berries are almost worth fighting the crowds!

    Looks like it will take a whole lotta water to wash out that device each time you use it. Boondockers device I guess it ain't. But do give us a review, if it works good enough to replace using a powered food processor?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard