Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We're heading out this evening to go trick or treating with the grandkids! Should be a lot of fun, and no, we are not dressing up. (Tell them why, Sparky! urges E.) Well, we DID have a costume for the both of us. It was a "Plug and Socket" duo costume. Guess who was supposed to wear the plug and who was supposed to wear the socket? Well, we bought it last year to wear at a Halloween celebration at a campground, ended up being too embarrassed to wear it with kids around, so this year, I pulled it out of storage, and it was one of the things that went up for sale on ebay and sold. Now we don't have a costume for this evening. But that's ok, it's all about the kids tonight.  First, let's horse around with Papa....

And horse around with dad.....

And horse around with Sis!

Ninja and Gothic Mummy
We talked their neighborhood this evening to see all the kids out and about in their costumes..WOW! Some really cute ones! The variety and creativity was wonderful to see.....
And this little guy just decided it was easier to sit down on the curb and enjoy his tootsie pop and let the bigger kids do all the running around......

And here are two sisters "dressed to the nines"......

Even the neighborhood dogs got into the act.....
The yard decorations in the neighborhood were terrific! It brought back a lot of memories of places we use to visit years ago that went all out with lights everywhere, mechanical casket lids raising and lowering, people hiding behind trees with scythes or chainsaws jumping out and scaring you, and houses with scary adults dressed in costume that made you come inside and go through a couple of spooky rooms, feeling "brains" and other oddities before they'd give you candy....Ah-h-h-h, yes, the good old days!

We really enjoyed ourselves tonight! What's the best Halloween costume you remember wearing or have seen at a party?


  1. Love the header picture. How cool. Our daughter and HER BOYFRIEND went as the Plug and Socket a year ago. That was one picture Paul and I really didn't need to see! OH MY! The kids look so cute. I used to love seeing how clever people can be. Enjoy your day!

  2. The pictures are great! Whose decoration was your header? That's fantastic.

    I see they don't get into the scariness of it as much in Elkhart as around here. We trick-or-treat in the near dark and dark. 6:30 to about 8pm. SO much fun!!

    Another interesting hol(y)iday that was "borrowed" from that really OLD time religion. One of the 8 on the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

  3. Great pictures. Really got the spirit of you evening.