Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Third Day in the D.C. Area

Kelly had to work today, so I  explored the neighborhood a bit, went to the AT & T store to figure out how come my Atrix phone starts dialing someone randomly sometimes when I'm on a call to someone else! I wanted to know are there little gremlins in my phone? Twice I have been talking to someone, and all of a sudden, the phone is dialing!  I didn't do that! Turns out if I hold the phone a certain way, my cheek hits a sensor on the phone, and that opens up a window to "add a call" and it's off and running! Not sure if I like this phone or not! I wish I had waited for the iphone 4 to come out...Eldy just upgraded his phone to the 4S, and he's got a personal assistant named "Siri" on his phone. The "Siri" software is AMAZING! It's sort of like the  Google Search feature with the microphone but better. Siri learns your personal information and remembers it. As you ask her questions, she has highly defined answers, a huge memory, and a huge database of information to get you what you want.

After the AT & T walking trip to get answers to my phone dilemmas, I headed back to Kelly's apartment to wait for her to get home from work. Kelly's little German short haired pointer, Moxie, kept me company. Isn't she cute?

When Kelly got home, we took Moxie to a dog park called "South Run" and watched her play. She was the most popular dog there, and she had a ball running around and chasing all the other dogs. Boy, could she run!

When a new dog showed up, Moxie went into "slink" mode...she got down close to the ground and her tail went out almost like she was pointing, and she would slink towards the dog, being coy and sly...Then she would jump for joy and attention, like she was saying, "OK!!! Let's play! Let's run around and chase each other!" And off they went! She's just a year and a half, and she is a really good girl!

We headed home after a bit and Kelly took me out to dinner at an interesting place called Las Tapas. They had bad flamenco dancing--decent food. They had GREAT Sangria wine there...Kelly and I shared a pitcher and laughed about the dancing. She had seen fantastic dancing at this restaurant before and was disappointed that the same dancers were not there this evening...But it was fun, regardless. We walked around Old Town Alexandria for a bit, then headed home, tired......Tomorrow, Kelly has a surprise for me....

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  1. When I am in a restaurant with bad food, I find the more I drink the better the food. Is that what you did with the great Sangria?
    Boy those kids look like they are having one big time. Enjoy your week.