Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blogger's Dilemma

Well,  just a little one...nothing to speak of really, it's just the decision whether to publish a blog or not when you have very little to say! Like today, there's just not much to report today and most people will find this boring. (Ah, there she goes, it just took a little sputtering and once those fingers get a fluttering on the keyboard the words start flowing). Eldy has such faith...sigh! Well, can't let him down....The weather was gorgeous,  the leaves are changing color, it's my favorite time of year except the weather is getting hotter! It's supposed to be in the eighties by Friday. Ugh! Get those temperatures back down! I went for a bike ride, Eldy went for blood work, we went chair and mattress window shopping again, just price checking. There sure are a lot of places you can look for furniture and RV supplies being that this is still the RV capital of the US. We checked out RV Surplus, Lazy Boy dealers and Elkhart Bedding which makes RV mattresses right here in town. Definitely some possibilities here for future purchase!

After we got back from window shopping, Eldy put the South Dakota plates on the car so I am a REAL bonafide South Dakota resident. Try explaining that to someone sometime who doesn't understand the RV way of life! "Oh, you live in South Dakota? You don't? Hunh?"
Elkhart Campground
Other than that, we frittered the day away.....In putting the plates on the car, Eldy decided his tool assortment sucks--He gave most of it away when he closed out his house, sold it at garage sales, or the tools are so ancient they are not useable or useful enough...(UH-OH! This is Sparky talking in parentheses for a change. I think this means Eldy is going to be rebuilding his tool stash just like I've been building yarn stash....) Hm-m-m-m, we might be even on costs on that one, so I'm not going to say a word!  Not sure what's happening tomorrow, but it might be another boring day! Photos are of the beautiful day today at the Elkhart Campground where we are staying....There are some BIG beautiful old trees in the campground...spacious sites, plenty of room, we love it here! It's close to some wonderful restaurants-Chubby Trout, the 523 Restaurant in downtown Elkhart, pizza, a great grocery store-Martin's, good pizza (Jojo's) , and lots lots more....Just no really good places to ride a bike on this side of town...But I'm still looking on that one.
We'll see what tomorrow brings......Bye!


  1. I'd love to have that kind of "boring" day.

  2. Keep blogging! There are lots of us who feel we don't have much to say, and maybe we struggle to find anything to write about. Yet if we skip several days readers write to ask how we're doing and is everything ok. As long as you write, there are those who will enjoy reading. That's my take on it.

  3. Hey from what I've read so far you have lots of good stuff to say.

    Just became a follower.


  4. Nothing boring about this post, seems like you had a pretty nice day. Looks like a very nice RV park you're staying in.

  5. I'm with Gypsy...well not literally but I agree with her. What seems like a boring day to you could be way interesting to others. Like those who are still at their jobs for instance. BUT if there is a day when you'd rather not, we'll handle it and be right there reading when you come back to post.

    BTW, I loved my lazyboy rocker recliner. SO comfy!! And didn't look like one of those big couch potato ones but more like a winged back chair.

  6. We love our Lazy Boy double recliner, and it fit right in where the old sleeper couch was sitting. I think your posts are very interesting.

  7. We loved it at Elkhart Campground too! And we love those lazy, do-nothing days. Have fun!!

  8. I agree. . .great post, but I do understand, some days there's just nothin' excitin' goin' on. . .just life. . .but what a great life!

    We also love our LazyBoy LoveSeat Recliner. . .which replaced the two really awful recliners that came in the RV.