Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Fall Fest is ON!

We just had it at Eldy's son's house instead and it was a great decision to move it indoors! The wind gusts were too much all day long and it was too cold to have all the kids at our campground site. More room at Brian's to spread out to carve pumpkins, more inside room for everybody to stay warm and everything worked out great! First, the pumpkin carving...This is SERIOUS business getting the "goop" out...

Some of the kids used the Pumpkin Master's carving kits that you can find at Walmart and lots of drug stores...and a couple of the girls decided to carve their own faces. The Pumpkin Master carving kits come with little tools--saws, scoops and paper designs. You tape the paper to the pumpkin and poke little holes all around the outlines. Remove the paper, then carve out the dotted line parts and VOILA! A cool pumpkin!

Trevor, Eldy's youngest grandchild, did NOT want to touch the yucky stuff, so he put on latex gloves to avoid touching the stuff...He's no dummy, he had Sparky take every other turn with him scooping the goop out!
The grandkids had friends over....Everybody carved pumpkins, even Eldo and his son, Brian. We had a pumpkin with the thickest, hardest shell and it was very difficult to get that one carved. Men to the rescue!

Eldy's granddaughter and her friend decided to get "dressed up" in hopes of getting their picture taken. It worked!

Next, a great cookout mastered by Ted, Eldy's son-in-law...He's a great BBQ chef and he cooked yummy burgers on the grill for all of us....After supper, we had the kids bob for apples. THAT was HILARIOUS!!! They really got into it....
Emma's into it!
Katelynne got one.....
She did it!
Eldy's son got into the act as well....and of course, he got one, too!

One of Eldy's grandsons got one....

And, Eldy's youngest grandson tried........

                               And he tried.....

And he even tried rotating his body around the bowl thinking that would help.....
But he wouldn't give up, even though he has no front teeth! He was very persistent and didn't get upset..a great lesson in patience and perseverance for all of us.  He hung in there with his pumpkin carving kit, too, and did a great job of carving a lot of the pumpkin himself! Everybody got a treat bag for trying!

Sparky and Eldo had a great time with all the kids today, big and little...We should make this an annual event--Sparky and Eldo's Fall Fest!


  1. Oh how I remember doing this same thing with our girls. I don't know who enjoyed it more. Paul and I or the girls. Thanks for the memories!

  2. I like the idea of making it an annual event. The kids just loved it and so did we. Thank you guys for such a wonderful time. Maybe next year we can even start a little earlier and take them to that place in New Paris for the cornmaze and pick the pumpkins. Just a thought. Make it a fun filled day. Thanks for the great memories. Love you guys.


  3. This was hilarious:o)) It just made me smile and smile and smile!!

    THANKS for sharing!!

  4. What a GREAT time and great memories for all of you! Annual event sounds perfect!

  5. Looks like great fun, reminds me of the pumpkin carving at our house in days gone by ;)