Friday, October 7, 2011


That's not news to my girls, Kelly and Kerry...They don't have children yet, but they know I'm a step-grandma to Cate, Connor, and Trevor. Today was Grandparents Day at Trevor and Connor's elementary schools. Luckily one celebration was in the morning, and one was in the afternoon, so we made it to both.

Eldo has been "Papa" ever since they have born. I'm  a new addition to the family and the kids haven't quite decided what to call me. I answer to just about anything. They just call me "Jeannie", and I think that's great! (Eldy's wife passed away five years ago.) The kids have welcomed me with open arms and I'm really glad to be in their lives. They are all delightful kids and well behaved. Anything that gets me back into an elementary school where I spent so many years of my career is a treat for me, so when Eldy mentioned Grandparents Day, he knew I'd be right there with him. There wasn't any way I'd miss that!

First, Trevor's a little word game, get introduced to Trevor's "girlfriends"....hit the book fair with Trevor, pick out a book that will help Trevor learn to read more but seemed to disappoint him because it wasn't the thick unreadable book he wanted. Sparky had to get back into his favor by promising him a trip to a MAJOR bookstore to get a Lego sticker book.

I think Eldy had almost as much fun as Trevor did at school today.....

On to Connor's school....Connor was outside at recess when we arrived at the parking lot. He saw us coming up the sidewalk and was jumping up and down at the kindergarten fence, yelling, "HI, PAPA! Hi, Jeannie!" We were later entertained by a great display of singing and nursery rhyme mastery and Sparky's favorite part of the school day--snacks! It was hilarious to see how much energy some of the little boys had and their antics while performing had the grandparents in stitches. This little guy was to the far right of the group, and he just carried on without a clue what the other kids were doing. They were all facing towards the teacher on the opposite side of the room, but not him! But you had to give him credit for trying....He had lots of enthusiasm!

Connor's teacher explained the latest teaching techniques that she uses in her kindergarten curriculum and it was great to hear the variety of methods being used to teach the class. Here's "Papa" and Connor....
Papa looks a little apprehensive, don't you think?
We had lots of fun at school today...Well, Sparky did anyway...That's her element--a room full of squiggly, wiggly cute little kids with funny things to say and expressive faces that are so honest and endearing, it makes her want to get back into the classroom! (Too soon! Too soon! We've just begun our travels! laments E.) Don't worry, honey....It was a fleeting feeling...But I would like to sub some time, or volunteer or tutor...and I'm sure some day I will be able to do that. For now, there's too much we still need to see and do......Until tomorrow......Sparky and Eldo


  1. Sparky, so glad you found happiness with Eldy. How neat that you both enjoy the RV life!

    The kids are adorable. I think Gramma Sparky has a nice ring to it, but the kids will settle on wheat they are comfortable with so maybe it will always be Jeannie--pretty name!

  2. Isn't it wonderful being a grandparent??!! We just love it! When we got back to SC we got so many hugs and kisses from our three that we were overwhelmed!! They really did miss us!!

  3. Great that you both could enjoy the day with the kids. One of our daughters is a third grade teacher and it is so unfortunate when some of the families take no interest in the activities of their younger family members.

  4. What a neat post. The boys are so cute...don't tell them that. Tell them I find them very Yes, I agree...I think Papa was having one great time. Glad you could make it to the schools. I am sure the kids "loved" it!

  5. I know Connor just loved having you both there. He is showing his new book to everyone and tell them who got it for him. I think we might have to work on the Grandma Sparky because it has a good ring to it. We will have to ask the kids what they think. So glad you guys are home to enjoy all these fun things with all of us. Love you guys. Kristi