Monday, October 17, 2011

Everybody's Got Baggage

When you travel, that's what I'm talkin' about! Sparky is getting ready to go to Washington, D.C. tomorrow....Woo-hoo! (Wa-a-a-an-n-n-h! What am I gonna do for five days! moans E.) Play golf, go visit friends and the kids, wax the RV? Conveniently forget to shave? lol! Since Sparky is the activity planner, Eldo is going to be just a little lost without his planning partner.....He'll do fine. Now, the cooking part? That's another story! Fast food, here we come! (It's not like I'm going to be missing a lot of home cooked meals, explains E.)

But the blog, on the other hand, might be taking a little hiatus for a few days...Sparky is not taking her computer with her in order to travel ultra lite, so if there's a blogging break on her part, she will announce that in the blog....

Here's how she travels ultra light----a little 17" X 11" carry on, a knapsack full of knitting (hope they allow circular needles on board the flight--the TSA says you can have knitting needles, no sharp scissors but only safety scissors), and my fanny pack. Got the ticket, phone and she's ready to go!
We're leaving EARLY in the morning...Eldy's getting a tooth pulled, so I'm taking the bus from South Bend to Midway Airport in Chicago so he won't miss his appointment.  He'll drop me off in S. Bend and then head to the dentist...(Wa-a-a-an-n-nh! says E., holding his jaw in mock pain.) Nurse Sparky will just have to call in and check from afar for the next few days. But I know his kids will be checking in with him now that they know he is getting a tooth pulled. (E. protests "It's a conspiracy!")....Eldy is NOT very good about following doctor instructions, so Nurse Sparky and assistants Brian and Kristi (Eldy's kids) will definitely be checking on him!  See you in Washington, D. C. with possible reports from Elkhart, IN.....


  1. Safe Trip ... nice weather forecasted for after Wednesday.

  2. Bummer for Eldy - lucky for Sparky. Watch that rain on Wednesday in the mid atlantic.
    We're on our way to Charlottesville VA only about 2 hours from DC. Stop by!! LOL