Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where's Eldo? The BLOG is Going on Vacation!

Sorry, everybody! We need to take a break for a few days..Sparky did not bring her computer to D.C. and her daughter is in grad school. When we are not doing something cool like riding the Metro, checking out the monuments and visiting the National Museum of Crime and Punishiment (which we did yesterday), Kelly really needs her computer for her graduate studies....I was having difficulties working with my photos  on a different compuer, so thought it would be easier all the way around to just wait till I get back.

So, the blog will be back online when I get back from D.C. and get rolling again.  Monday morning I'll have LOTS of photos, lots of fun things that we did, and adorable photos of Kelly's German shorthair "pocket" pointer puppy, Moxie.. Moxie is a really adorable smaller version of a German short haired pointer, that's why Kelly calls her her "pocket pointer"......We'll see you Monday morning!  Bye for now.......


  1. A "Blogcation" is perfectly acceptable. Go! Look! Enjoy!
    Be safe out there. (all those politicians, you know)

  2. If you ever get back out there, check out National Harbor--kinda a ways out, but awesome views--I stayed there this summer while I was at a conference.