Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wanna Go to Shipshewanna?

Eldy asked  me today...Of course, I said "YEAH!" Shipshewanna is home to great stores, restaurants, finely crafted Amish furniture, pretzels, buggy rides, quilting supplies, the famous flea market which was just about kaput for the month of October, and lots of Amish and Mennonites......We walked around the flea market for a short while today, it was really empty! The vendors that were there were all in buildings..the usual purses, junky household stuff, no crafts. (THAT'S a good thing! says a relieved E.)

We went looking for possible chairs to replace a couch in the motorhome...We're just dreamin' at the moment. We had heard great things about Lambright's Chairs, a company that caters to RVers in Shipshewanna. We had fun looking at chairs--Eldy LOVES a rocker and we found one we both liked that was a rocker/glider. Price? Not affordable at the moment. BUT---great quality, custom built to your specifications...lifetime warranty on the frame...right size and right comfort level. They will take out the couch in the motorhome and donate it to a needy family, I really liked that idea! We were assisted by a young man who was very professional and helpful. He said we could have our custom chair within THREE days! Great service for traveling RVers. However, Eldy wanted to do a little more research. That's where he excels. This is a big purchase and SERIOUS business! Sparky might want to buy the first thing she sees, but that's not how Eldo operates. Which is a good thing!
He's thinkin'!
On to the next chair place---Mastercraft. We stopped at the Mastercraft warehouse and proceeded to be ignored completely by two ladies who were working the front desk. We had to go seek them out every single time we had a question, which happened four or five times. We needed help with fabrics, we need help with measurements, we needed help with available stock. They might have just been secretarial staff, we're not sure, but we felt completely frustrated with our experience there. They apparently had very little interest in assisting anybody who walked in there, and they didn't offer to get anybody to help us or anyone else who came in! Very poor business management in our opinion!

We didn't make any decisions today...we're going to mull it over, always a good thing. It's a good thing Eldy is conservative...it balances out Sparky's impulsive side!

We got some wonderful zucchini bread from the Blue Gate after devouring the zucchini bread that Eldy's daughter brought us the other day. And then, we picked up some pretzels so Sparky can have her sour cream and onion freshly made sweet pretzels from Jojo's! Wahoo!  It's pretzel time! (Awwww, geez, and I have to fast for my bloodwork tomorrow---you're making me hungry!) Whoops! Forgot! I'll just freeze 'em and save them for another day....Sparky stopped at Yoder's Department store--a fabulous quilting store and newly remodeled. I could have spent a LONG time wandering around but Eldo was waiting in the car, which helped me get out of there with minimal damage to my craft budget TODAY..... :-)
Yoder's Department Store, fabric department
See you tomorrow or the next day...absolutely nothing going on tomorrow......(Sparky will think of something! Stay tuned....)


  1. Just because of the lack of service at the second store, I'd go with the first one ... even if it is pricier.

  2. We loved that area. Don't forget to hit Comfort Chairs. That is where we bought ours. Lambert's carry there chairs. We bought from Comfort Chairs direct. We liked them better. Also, we bought a floor model that just went out only 3 hours before we got there and they took 10% off the price. They even told us no one had even sat in it yet. Great deal, nice people.

  3. That area is still one of the places we want to visit. Are the RV parks very expensive in the area? I love pretzels too. Good luck with your blood work.

  4. You might want to go to the RV Surplus store at 1400 W Bristol St. In Elkart. We bought 2 Captain chairs and a Couch there. I love to browse the store. Big old store lots of stuff.

  5. Sorry to hear about such a noservice attitude on the part of Store #2. Too bad you didn't ask to speak to the manager. That would have shaken their tails unless one of them IS the manager. LOL in which case they should be out of business by the time you go back!

    Eldy looked MI-T comfortable in that chair! :-)