Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Day in D.C. Part II

If the Martin Luther King Memorial was not moving enough, we saw more of the memorials and monuments as we biked around D.C. Kelly was giving me a crash course in tourist attractions in Washington, D.C. because it was my last day and we just didn't have enough time to explore them in more than just a quick drive by, or should I say, "bike by" on my short trip here this week.....

Yesterday I mentioned the great Bikeshare program that D.C. offers for anybody visiting the nation's capitol. Kelly and I spent our last afternoon together riding around the capitol on the Bikeshare bikes. It was great! After we saw the M.L.K. Memorial, we biked over to the Korean Memorial. It was very moving as well....Two infinity pools, a marble wall etched with photos of our soldiers who served in the Korean war.....Isn't this something?! There are more soldiers in the field here, but these three captured the camera's eye.
The fact that it was a grey, rain impending kind of day just seemed to add to the atmosphere of the memorial.....

Here's another view....

It felt like the memories of the soldiers and their experiences were there with us......Seeing something like this makes history so much more real, connecting real people from the past to the people in the present. While we were there, taking it all in, I saw three World War II vets standing up against the marble walls. It was an honor to be able to see them there and they were honored to have their photos taken. I didn't want to intrude and get their names, but here they are....Thank you, sirs, for serving for our country....

We biked a little more, seeing a quick view of the Lincoln Memorial, but no time to go inside and see the great Abe....
Here's a view of the Smithsonian, at least that's what I think it was as I flew by on my bike, holding my camera out to the side!

It was wonderful to explore the capitol for the first time and I can't wait to go back and see things more in depth...Thank you, Kelly, for doing such a great job navigating the streets of D.C. on a bike and working your GPS at the same time!  It's back to reality in Elkhart, IN for the remainder of the month...We'll see you there!
World War II Memorial


  1. Great pictures, I can see that we need to squeeze in DC when we get to that area, I was there in 1987. I would like to see the newer memorials.

  2. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing. I've heard a couple of people say that the Korean Memorial sent chills up their spines.

    There's no way to express our appreciation and love for the men and women who have served in our military, but pictures like yours are a reminder to all of us that we owe them our very lives.

  3. Wonder where the closest RV park to DC would be so it might be possible to go and stay some time. It would take a LOT of time to see even half of what's there to experience.

    Now you've got great pictures of all the places you want to return to.

  4. We loved DC the first time we were there. Our intention was to make it back there this summer. . .but decided we just couldn't tolerate the heat and the height of tourist season at the same time. . .

    Sherry, check out Nick's Gypsy Journal Blog. . .he talks about the RV park they stay at in Virginia, and then ride Metro in. . .sound like a great location.

    Thanks Jeanie for all the great pics. . .the Vietnam Memorial was my favorite. . .made me cry when we were there. . .and the bikes sound like the perfect solution. . .thanks again,


  5. I've been to DC several times and have always loved it. No matter what the politics are, it is still the heart of our country.

  6. The Korean Memorial was our favorite of all the memorials! Those faces were so real. What a great tribute! Glad you had a wonderful time. You make me want to get back!