Tuesday, October 18, 2011

That Darn Blogger! And Other Stuff...

A couple of new followers are following us on our travels, but don't show up on Blogger when you go to look at who they are. Our apologies for not being able to mention you or your blog if you have one, but we appreciate the readership! Don't know why Blogger is acting funky or if it's just my computer..The count is increasing, but no names are showing up. What's up with that?

It makes me nervous to think about glitches in Blogger. I have this fear that my over 450 posts and favorite photos are going to disappear one of these days...(SH-H-H-H! You'll jinx the blog! warns Eldo.) I'm always of the opinion that if you SAY something might happen, maybe it won't. I've been trying to take computer guru Rick's (Rick and Paulette's) suggestion about importing (or is it exporting?) the blog to my desktop so I have a backup, but have been having trouble with the Mac in doing that....(Better do it soon before all is lost, woman!) Yes, dear, I'm working on it......

By the way...Not only does Elkhart have lots of wonderful places to see, lots of things to do, and great restaurants...it has ELK! Elk, as in elk ART, Elkhart, get it? "The town with heart".... Tee hee hee.......We've seen towns with decorated athletic shoes, bison, elephants, and now we've seen elk in Elkhart....Who knew?

River walk, Elkhart
If you drive around town trying to see these elk--TOO LATE! YOU MISSED THEM!  But they were cool....Maybe they will have them again next year? Downtown Elkhart has really spruced itself up...It has torn down some dilapidated manufacturing plants and really enhanced the river area....There's a great walking/biking path along the river, and the landscaping/observation points are really pretty....A nice park and pavilion are in the middle of town as well...check it out when you are in the area some time...We recommend a fabulous restaurant (although expensive) called the 5-2-3 Restaurant on Main Street in the heart of downtown--fabulous steaks, ribs and an awesome lettuce wedge with blue cheese/rosemary dressing...We won't be visiting it this time around, but we've tried it several times in the past.  For a special occasion, it is truly wonderful! Stay tuned for Sparky's reports on Washington, D.C. coming soon.....Bye for now....


  1. I loved the Elk art. Had a great time trying to find them.
    Another blog I follow is having similar problems. Matters of fact, they couldn't even log in without typing their telephone number.
    Very strange.

  2. This is great Jeannie. I loved the Bison in Custer and now I'll just have to go to Elk-hart to see the Elk.

    I thought you were packed for DC, did I dream that yesterday about your backpack and waist pack? And now you are out seeing Elk-art.

    I think I'm confused. Send me the Washington Monument so I'll know you aren't in Kansas ahhhh I mean Indiana any more.

  3. That elk art looks great so does the picture of the river walk.

    As for backing up your blog - always a good idea. Once you get to your Dashboard, just look for "Export" and it should save your entire blog to a file on your desktop.

  4. I'm a little mixed up too. I thought you left for Washington without your computer??

  5. We worry whenever strange things happen on Blogger also. Thanks for the reminder to backup! Great elk photos.

  6. San Jose did sharks a few years ago, and San Francisco did hearts. The deal is an artist can sign up for one of these critters and then raises a couple of thousand dollars in sponsorship. Usually corporate. then the critter is displayed, like the elk, and at the end they are auctioned off for charity.

    It is fun. Visually interesting, and makes some money.

    I'd love to have the company that makes the fiberglass animals to start with.

  7. I follow you on Google Reader. . .wonder if I show up in your count? . . .and yes, I can testify to the fact that you absolutely MUST back up your blog (I need to follow that advice also.)


  8. We've been to the Elkhart area several times in our travels but missed the elk art! Its fun to see the various animal "arts" across the country: horses, trains, buffalo.
    Hey, I also learned about backing up my blog by reading your comments!
    Have fun fellow full-timers!