Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Lazy Boy?

Not my Eldy! He's a marathon driver when he has to be, a conscientious RV owner, washing and waxing the motorhome just about all by himself and keeping it beautiful. Check out the tire hubs! This thing sure is a beauty!
Shiny hubs!
Today we went off to the South Bend Lazy Boy store to check out chairs again...Lazy Boy seems to be almost the best deal when it comes to trying to put in some new chairs while taking out the old couch and have it still be affordable! (for us) We just can't seem to find a fabric that works with the color scheme in the motorhome...Here's a sample of the interior colors.....We're looking for something neutral in fabric, yet something that will add a little accent and warmth to the living area. No luck in South Bend, the prices were MUCH higher than the prices for the same identical chairs in Goshen, IN. No deal today, we gotta keep looking.

Eldy spent the beautiful, Indian summer like fall afternoon outdoors (temps in the '80's!) watching Sunday football while Sparky worked on posting ads for various items we are trying to get rid of in our storage shed while we are here. Craig's List, here we come! First we need to sell the Flexsteel jackknife sofa first. We're going to try putting an ad on Craig's List and Escapees for starters...Now, I'm looking at the couch and wondering, how the heck would we get it OUT of the motorhome? Guess the passenger captain's chair would have to come out, I would think? Hm-m-m-m, this might be quite the quandary!
Anybody know anybody who needs a sofa in the Elkhart, IN area? It folds out into a nice bed, perfect for a college student (under the loft, anyone?) We'll see you tomorrow! It's back to Angola, IN for appointments for Sparky.....Eldy is going to hold down the fort in Elkhart....Bye-bye!


  1. Oh no the dreaded "appointments". Good luck! With them and the Craigslist. Those are SOME hubcaps Eldy!

  2. See, if my wife ever used the term "shiney hubs" in reference to me, I'm afraid it would only refer to the glint coming off my nearly bald head.

  3. Moving a sofa out of the Phaeton is easier said then done. We didn't attempt to remove the pax capt's chair because our measurements showed that the sofa we wanted to take out wouldn't fit through the door unless we took the sofa apart. Luckily, it was easy enough for us to remove the arms and get the sofa out in pieces ... but boy was that thing HEAVY!

  4. If you can not sell it, donate it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army and take a tax write off.

    Be careful on the road


  5. We sold our Flexsteel jackknife sofa on Craig's List in one day. We took it apart and put it through our emergency window. We have a 2005 Phaeton. It should work for you too.
    The MH looks beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  6. Dad the RV looks amazing. You did such a great job. I have to find time to come over before the rain hits and mess it up. You do really great work, but I have always known that. Maybe I should bring the truck over for you to work on.HAHA Love having you home. Kristi