Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Cutie!

We got a call today from Eldy's kids, needing help with watching Trevor after school today while they visited a very ill family member. Eldy went off to pick up Trevor at the bus stop. Trevor was quite surprised at who picked him up today. He was really disappointed that he didn't get to go home to snack on his Halloween candy from last night! He'd probably been thinking about his Halloween loot all day. He didn't say two words on the way over to the motorhome! But he quickly got over that when he found out Sparky wanted to go see Puss in Boots today! Having step grandchildren is great--Sparky can go see the great kids' animated movies that aren't on Eldo's must see list.......

I LOVED Puss in Boots! What was really really cute and touching was halfway through the movie, in the dark, Trevor put his arm around my shoulder and leaned up next to me. His arm sat there for a few minutes, so I put my arm around his shoulders and we had a bonding moment.  A minute later, and it was gone, he was back to leaning on the seats in front of him, engrossed in the movie. Aw-w-w-w, how sweet!

And you know who stars as the voice of Puss, don't you? That handsome devil, Antonio Banderas, with the sexy accent. Of course, you don't see him, you just hear him. That's enough for me! Lol! The animation these days just keeps getting better and better. It's amazing how much expression and personality comes across in the characters in the latest animated movies. And of course, they really aren't just for kids. I saw several previews of up and coming children's movies that I would LOVE to take the grandkids to, but we won't be around at Christmas time to do that, we'll be in Florida.......

After the movie, we came back to the motorhome and Trevor played on Papa's ipad for awhile...He wanted to download some more games under Papa's watchful eye (he's only 6, for heaven's sake, but I think he could probably do it if I let him!) then Sparky and Trevor headed over to the playground (oh,yes, she swings on swings and chases kids around, too!) and we played on the playground for awhile till some other kids came along and gave Sparky a break, 'cuz she was out of breath......

He's such a ham!

The sun started to go down, and after a few more slides, we headed home to wait for Trevor's parents to come pick him up.....We'll see you tomorrow......Sparky is heading to South Bend to see her teacher friend, Jeannie.....


  1. Maybe we'll have to see that movie too!

  2. You are definitely a GREAT grandma! Think I'll add that movie to my list sounds like fun!

  3. Sounds like another great day with the grand kids. I have read many people who just loved Puss in Boots. I just can't image seeing that movie...but then again if I had grand kids it may be a different situation!

  4. What an awesome Grandma you are. . .those lucky kiddos!

    Safe Travels,