Thursday, March 17, 2011

Southwestern Yard Art

I really enjoy seeing how people decorate their personal space wherever we's definitely the southwest influence here, with lots of Kokopelli everywhere...(he's the Anasazi flute player motif that you see so often in the southwest--second photo on the right in the middle)....In Palm Creek RV resort, many people have chosen to put metal artwork on the sides of their houses (park models and modular homes) as well as yard ornaments alongside the cactus....
There are some interesting works of art all around the park....lots of howling wolves, cattle skulls, lizards, sleepy sombreros and more.....check out the ants along the wall!

Since it was St. Patrick's Day, we decided to go out to get a bite to eat. Back to the Arizona Hideaway restaurant called Frankie's Chuckwagon for a delicious 6 oz. fillet, baked potato and salad for $9.99. Great food! Great price, and look at the St. Patty's Day spirit of one of the waitresses there at the restaurant. Isn't her outfit great!? I forgot to ask if she's Irish..     This is a great restaurant and they were very busy this evening. We shared a table with some full time residents of a nearby RV park. We asked about the wildlife in the area and what we might see. They told us all about the javelinas (wild animals that look like boars or wild pigs), rattlesnakes, scorpians, tarantulas, Gila monsters, and geckos that get to be a pretty good size compared to those little ones you see running around in Florida. Interesting company and interesting information about snakes, spiders, coyotes, bats, and when the cactus bloom (May). Some things I'd like to see, and other things I wouldn't! Like rattlesnakes....ugh!  OK, and tarantulas--double ugh! And scorpians get the picture!
We're really enjoying the park here and the beautiful Arizona sunsets, every night is a picture perfect sunset of deep rose and orange colored is supposed to cool down on Monday to the 60's--geez, a cool spell! I don't know what we'll do...might have to get Eldy to go on a hike since the weather will be perfect for that, or maybe we'll head to another spring training ball game. I'm trying to adjust to the temperatures in the 90's...I don't do well in the heat so I have been going to the sewing room in the afternoons the last two days where it is air conditioned. We are running our air conditioners but just a couple of hours a day in the afternoons, since electric is extra, so I am trying to find other cooler places around the park. Sewing room works for me!  Probably find me there tomorrow as well. Eldo has March Madness fever....(that's BASKETBALL FEVER, folks!) Seems to be running rampant around here at Palm Creek with all the transplanted residents here...lots of TV's going with the games on, including ours. Notre Dame will be on in the morning, Arizona time and that's Eldy's favorite......See you later! Go Irish!
sunset at Palm Creek, Casa Grande, AZ


  1. That sunset picture is gorgeous! I like the southwestern style art, and especially Kokopelli.

  2. Now that's a great sunset picture.