Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Golf in Casa Grande and Dinner with My Daughter

Yesterday afternoon we decided to finally play some golf in the area....we're not quite ready to play the short par 3, 18 hole golf course at Palm Creek. We are waiting for the regulars to head back home so we aren't quite so pressed on the course. Being a beginner, I need a little more time to 1) find lost balls, 2) get up the nerve to hit balls on a course lined with park models, 3) make sure my insurance policy is up to date, because the GOLFER is responsible for property damage for wayward balls!  Not like some courses where if you hit a house, the homeowner is expected to bear the brunt of any wayward golf  ball damage, having built a home on a golf course. That last requirement is enough to keep me off the par 3 course until I get a little better on my aim!

We played at the Mission Royale golf course in Casa Grande....We were supposed to play 18 holes of golf yesterday, but ended up playing only 15 as we skipped three holes due to pressure from golfers coming fast on our heels. For some odd reason, we each lost two balls on a course that hardly had any trees, and very little water! That's why we had people coming up behind us, waiting, and we got rattled!  Uh, I should say, I got rattled. It was my bright idea to skip a couple of holes, AND daylight was dimming quickly. By this time, we were just practicing our game as it was the first time out in weeks....But, despite losing a couple balls each, we had a lot of fun. Eldy looks good on his swing, I think!

One of the nice things about the course is, they had beautiful greens and thick green grass surrounding the greens...I just had to get down and smell it!  Ah-h-h-h-h....GRASS! Green grass, lush and thick...it sure smelled good!

We got to do something special last night....we headed to Tucson to have dinner at The Abbey. The food was what I would call American gourmet, it was good, but not outstanding......but the company was extra special! My other daughter, Kelly, flew in from Virginia for business in Tucson and wanted to meet us for dinner in Tucson. I had not been able to see her since last April as we have been on roads headed west.....we had a great time, lots of laughs and lots of hugs, it was so great to see her!....I am very proud of her!

We hope to get together again before she has to head back to Virginia later this week......it's been a wonderful day!  Until later......

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