Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rally Arrival

We came in early yesterday so we could get prepared for Eldy to help with parking the early bird arrivals for the rally. We boondocked in the parking lot last night and had a carry in supper with everyone who is volunteering with the rally. Pot luck is fun, the variety of food is always great! Dennis (of the RV driving school fame) made his famous pork butt.
We told where we were from and then our worst horror stories about dings, pings, crashes and near misses with our motor homes. We haven't had any major catastrophes yet, (knock on wood)...just silly things where you wish you had done things differently, or thanked the Lord that things turned out the time Eldy did a U-turn with the motor home towing the car behind at the Boston toll gate plaza because we got in the "Easy Pass" lane when we didn't have one. Or how about the time I programmed the GPS for a street called "West" in Bar Harbor, ME, but should have programmed "West Street" for a nearby town? We ended up July 4th weekend in the motorhome (car in tow) in downtown Bar Harbor at the peak of the festivities with both sides of the street clogged with vehicles and side streets totally blocked with vehicles trying to come onto the main street where we were trying to navigate out of town to get to the campground! Eldy kept saying, "This CAN'T be right!" and I kept saying, "Yes, it is, that's what the GPS says to do!"

We heard about the guy who was trying to teach his wife to drive the motor home, and got so frustrated with her, that he demanded to take the wheel. Well, he was going to show HER how it's done, stomped on the gas pedal and proceeded to WHAM into a cement post. Thirteen thousand dollars worth of damage....How about the guy that drove into a Walmart all the way to the front then wasn't able to turn himself around and blocked traffic for quite some time....of course there are low bridge stories, and black water explosion stories...we laughed and laughed, knowing full well it could have been us.....

Dennis is the guy in the orange shirt...he'll do anything to get a laugh and he has a great wit! We'll have to check his blog for a unique viewpoint on last night's dinner....time to get ready for tomorrow....see you later!

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