Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Palm Creek Offerings

It's a low key caught up on laundry today....Palm Creek gives you an empty but reloadable "credit card" that you load with money to do laundry. That's different from the usual throwing quarters in the machines and having to have a supply of them all the time! They have these credit card machines in the laundries throughout the park where you can reload the card. You throw dollars into the credit card machine to load the card instead of quarters! The laundries are spacious and easy to use with the cards and very reasonable, and the dryers actually dry your clothes! What a concept!.....After doing the laundry today, I headed to the sewing room to finish up some projects for Sunday's craft fair...the craft show is from 1:00-4:00 tomorrow. I'm putting out all my knitted stuff that I have been making ever since we got here the first week of March, a few sewn items and some Tastefully Simple stuff to see if I can get some orders for this quarter.

sectioned bowl in the process
This afternoon, I visited the Palm Creek woodshop. I love the smell of wood...who knows, I might head down there one of these days and try a project of my own! They have an AMAZING woodshop, at least I thought so..I couldn't believe all the saws, planers, lathes, tools, and a resaw bandsaw (I think that's what you call it). For 1.00 an hour, you "rent" the woodshop and all the saws and tools you can possibly imagine are at your disposal. They even furnish sandpaper and glue for you! You do have to furnish your own wood when the stock gets low. The woodshop had vacuum systems everywhere and major air filters keeping the dusty air to a minimum. Eldy needs to get down there and sign up! Let's see, I need a dip/chip bowl for my Tastefully Simple business, and maybe a quilt ruler holder, a wine bottle stopper.....etc. etc...(I get the picture, and we'll see....says E.)
slotted wooden holders for quilt rulers

Somebody is making a sectioned bowl that is just gorgeous, and somebody else is making some beautiful quilt ruler! I love the smell of wood and could have stayed for awhile to watch people work....but it's time get back and wash my car. Palm Creek even has several car washing stations!
We'll see you tomorrow at the craft show.....

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  1. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the craft show.