Sunday, March 27, 2011

Craft Fair at Palm Creek

There are two craft fairs here at Palm Creek in Casa in November, and one in March. Unfortunately, so many people are leaving here in a matter of a few weeks or less (snowbirds returning home and other snowbirds returning to Canada) that the buying mood did not prevail today. I guess people were trying to pack up what they do have and not too interested in buying more STUFF.....I did sell a couple of cell phone covers and got the word out about Tastefully Simple....this park is BIG on happy hours every day around 4:00, so I'll have to get here earlier next year to get some parties going....

I really enjoy learning new things from lady came by to talk and chat...she had family in the South Bend area. She is going to call me and show me how to do felted mittens and how she sells them. I thought that was really nice of her to share something that she does to make money in her spare time. Another lady told me to stop by the knitting group on Monday, and she'll show me how to make socks. (Uh-oh! ANOTHER craft idea? asks E.) Well, now I've got to use up all this sock yarn so that sounds like a great idea!

I had a great time today...I love talking to people..the lady next to me selling pottery was from South Bend, IN, too!--- my old stomping/teaching ground and so we had lots to talk about during lulls in the visitors checking us out...they moved from South Bend to Colorado, so she told me some great places to visit when we get to that state...They also talked a lot about Bryce Canyon in Utah (?)...which we really want to see this year. They now live in this area of Casa Grande in a section called Robson Ranch, a subdivision, I believe..another 55 and older community. There sure are LOTS of them in the area!

Many talented vendors today..beautiful jewelry, painters, watercolor artists, woodworkers, carvers, and knitters as well...glad I wasn't competing with the lady who had knitted hats and scarves! Not exactly sure what this woodworking gentleman was selling, I didn't get a chance to ask! I'm wondering if these are cribbage boards, maybe?

Another lady had beautiful pendants she had made from polished stones and then silver wire!
It's been a busy day today, and it's flown by so fast...heading for dinner in Tucson this evening at the Abbey...heard it's a great place!  See you later......


  1. Sparky.
    The woodworking project(2nd picture)
    is called Dirty Board here in Gulf Shores. It is played similar to Chinese Checkers.


  2. We call that board game Pegs and Jokers, and it is also called Social Security. I just bought one not to long ago. Very big with retired folk in Texas