Saturday, March 12, 2011

LAWN BOWLING???!!! What Next?

Now I've heard of everything! This place really does have everything! The usual pools, hot tubs, pool hall, (make that a billiards room), pickleball, horseshoes, shuffleboard (haven't seen anybody out on that since we've been here), interest clubs, a beautiful par 3 golf course, craft rooms, live entertainment every weekend and so on and so on....but today, we saw a lawn bowling tournament going on....have no idea what the rules are, but took a few photos of the bowlers. The greens just as good or better than any golf course green we have seen, and these bowlers take their lawn bowling seriously! Honestly, this scene reminds me of the aristocratic high society movies about the south....something you might see the rich and famous doing back in the day. Just about everybody was dressed in "tennis whites" and white shoes..But there seems to be quite a bit of interest in this sport in Casa Grande, as there was a tournament here today at Palm doesn't interest me, but it looks like a nice form of exercise for older people. Too sedate for me!

This guy went around gathering up the balls....

Here are what the balls look like that they play with....they appear to be about the size of a softball...the object is to throw your balls (also called "bowls") as close to the white ball (the "jack") in the field as you can get. Here's a link to a more extensive explanation of the rules of lawn bowling. The day I take up lawn bowling is the day I turn 90. Now, I said that about the sport of golf awhile back, and here I am with a set of golf clubs and begging Eldy to get out on a course with me....beautiful par 3 golf course right here at Palm Creek, I can handle that!
We were hoping to take in some of the live entertainment this evening at Palm Creek. There was a band playing, but the tickets are sold out. We tried for another event two weeks from now, a steak dinner/dance and that was sold out, too. Guess you need to get your tickets early in this hoppin' over 55 community here at Palm Creek in Casa Grande.  Never a dull moment! We are heading to Mesa tomorrow to explore and visit Camping least, that's the plan...but things could never know with Eldo......


  1. Thanks for showing off our Lawn Bowling group at Palm Creek! At a young 67, I’m a fledgling member of the Palm Creek Lawn Bowling Club. Lawn bowling is a very competitive and fun experience. Many women bowl better than men, or at least better than I.

    The bowls, depending on how you hold them, curve either to the right of left before they come to a stop. You can roll a bowl with some force, and it will go straight for awhile in an attempt to hit another bowl or the jack.

    Next year, we will stay two months at Palm Creek. I wish more RV resorts offered lawn bowling. But there are several of my favorites that offer well organizied bocce ball play.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your travel blog and adventures. My wife and I, along with our pup Shaddow snowbird to southern Arizona in the winter from Washington State in our 5th wheel.

    Happy trails,


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