Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arizona Hideaway RV Park

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Arizona Hideaway is a really nice RV park. It is just south of Casa Grande, off I-10. It has been newly remodeled, new clubhouse, updated shower facilities, and other amenities. It is a Passport America Park, so for the first night it's $14.00, then they honor Escapees membership, AAA, Good Sam's and some more, so additional nights' stays are about 15% off the regular rate, making it about 25.50. I think I have that rate right! We've been in so many places lately in a short period of time, I'm having trouble remembering the rates. We're under our personal budget of 30.00 a day, which is our max. We try to stay under that as much as possible.

There are quite a few RVparks near Picacho, AZ and Casa Grande, AZ. Some of the parks are alongside I-10 and a major shipping train line and if you read RV Park Reviews, they talk about the terrible noise from the roadway and trains. We've seen some of the parks and most of them have zero trees, just RV's lined up and jammed in together. Not this one!

This is a quiet park even though it's close to I-10.There is very little train noise to speak of.  It has mature trees for shade, lots of shrubbery that deadens the traffic noise, and we think it's very quiet for being so close to the highway. The lots are VERY spacious and there's plenty of room between you and your neighbor. There is a horse ranch next door, and if you had horses, you can board them there and use their arena, covered stalls or take lessons or practice roping, with training from a nationally known roper, George Aros, (the fellow that owns the ranch). The only drawback to this park would be if it got very windy. There would be a mini dust storm in the park! We haven't had any problems with that since we've been here for a few days. There is a terrific little chuckwagon restaurant on the premises, with some of the best tasting steaks we've ever had! We've tried them twice now for the steak specials and each time it was delicious! They cook outdoors on a grill using pecan wood fires....m-m-m-m-m, makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Wednesday nights are spaghetti nights, and Friday night is fish night. The steak filet for 9.99, the one night they ran a special, was out of this world!

Welcome to our newest followers, Streaming with Joe and Buddy, who retire in two days! Yahoo! Congratulations!

There's some interesting stuff to see in Picacho, home of Picacho Peak and a state park...we'll tell you more tomorrow, we're heading to the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich ranch...see you then!


  1. Keeping it under $30 is usually tough during peak seasons in the winter in Arizona and Florida. That is always are bottom line as well, here in Florida we are paying many nights $10 with our clubs but then while visiting some of the attraction areas it goes up to $100 per night...ouch!

    So far we are staying under our budget because many of our nights are free also. The company we work for pays for our camping while we are working their shows.

  2. You are also near a wonderful gift shop. The Shell station at the same exit as Rooster Cogburn's has an amazing jewelry counter, plus lots of other neat stuff. Also loved all the critters at Rooster Cogburns. Watch out for those adorable little birds, they are rather agressive.