Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So What is a Rally Anyway?

The hard working parking crew--that's my Eldy on the left
A lot of people who don't travel full time have asked me, "What is a rally? What do you do there?" I can imagine that when people hear the word "rally" they think it's some sort of "rah-rah" pep assembly of RVers, maybe. When I first heard about an RV rally, I was thinking they all drive a course of some sort and get points for prizes! But I'm not sure what's in their minds, but here's what it is based on two that we have attended so far. A group of people organize a rally based on: the type of motor home they have, a special interest travel group they might belong to, or a general all-purpose get-together gathering for people who own recreational vehicles. That's kind of what the Gypsy Journal Rally is like....The organizers of the rally, in this case, Nick Russell, the editor of the Gypsy Journal, a great RVing newspaper, and some of his friends over many years, have put together a gathering of RVers twice a year. He has an Eastern rally and a Western rally. He puts a call out to vendors who come and demonstrate their wares, sell RV related products, or sell something that would appeal to campers and travelers. There are all kinds of vendors here from RV parts system guys to people who can put any photo you want on a tee shirt to food (that's ME!) You can get towing bars installed on your cars, you can get electrical monitoring systems installed on your motorhome, you can get camping deals and lots more...There's usually entertainment, and Nick is just a small part of it, or should I say a big part. He's a great natural standup comedian and a terrific MC. Anybody, no matter what type of rig you have, can come to the Gypsy Journal rally, providing you pay the camping/registration fee.There are between 165-180 rigs registered at this rally here in Yuma, Arizona. 

At Nick's Gypsy Journal Rally, you can be guaranteed of live entertainment from bands to men dressed up like ladies contest (Cactus Queen contest), pizza night, a great variety of vendors, and terrific seminars where you can learn about RVing.....here are some of the topics: electrical management systems, Yes, You Can Drive That RV (for women only), Pressure Pro Air System, ten things never to do with your computer, transporting firearms in your RV, geocaching (high tech "treasure hunting" hobby, boondocking tips roundtable, care and operation of RV awnings, finding your satellite signal, starting a business on the road, do's and don'ts of computer security, staying married and happy in an RV,  Swedish weaving, free camping at wineries and farms, preparing to drive to Alaska, learn to knit....and lots, lots more....you can see the variety is there...

We are having a great time talking to fellow vendors, Eldy is learning lots about different topics he was curious about in the seminars, and the weather has been beautiful (although I am stuck indoors all day long!) Reception of Tastefully Simple has been great--lots of people sampling and actually buying something, which is great! Time to get back to work and make some more food for tomorrow.....see you later!

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  1. The rally sounds great. Fun and informative. will you be at the one on the East as well??