Monday, March 7, 2011

Rally Time!

It took a little bit of maneuvering around to get our RV into a spot, but we are finally settled for the rally. I am cooking up a storm, making dips, breads and cakes. We managed to get 30 amp service due to the kindness of the rally staff, as they knew I had to cook each day. We're lucky that we have nice neighbors very close by...he's an RV repair guy, and we've already had the experience of needing some expert advice. We had a little trouble getting electric to the RV at first, so he quickly saw we were having problems and whipped out his handy dandy electrical meter.

I mentioned to him that when I was single, I had to have every electrical measuring device just in case something needed fixing. I didn't know how to use all my little gadgets but just in case I decided to teach myself, I was prepared...He says, "I've got just the tool solution for you! Wait right here..." He had me close my eyes, when I opened them, he had on a crazy tool headband. He let me borrow it so I could be "Tool Girl" for the it is....look closely for the six tools every gal should have....

Eldy parked cars all day for the rally.....he's the color of caramel toast at the moment, at least he's not burnt to a crisp! He told me that a couple came in and said they were lucky they made it. Apparently, their tow bar broke, and the chains and the emergency brake system stopped the damage to the car, the RV, or to anyone else...yikes! We don't like setting up our brake system, but we really need to use it more, even if it's not required by the state we are passing through. We have a Brake Buddy system but it's been tough to set up and use, and we're actually on our second one, as the first one bit the dust and kept blowing a fuse in the car. There are better ones out there but the expense is considerable...over 1500.00 for a new system. You can buy used ones... Certain states require these systems and if you were to be pulled over and not using one in one of those states, you'd be ticketed....My question is, do cops ever pull over big rigs with a car in tow? Has that ever happened to you or anyone you know? It seems to be it would be very hazardous for all concerned to get pulled over.

It was a busy day for the both of us, we're exhausted, so off to sleep we go and see you tomorrow.....Z-z-z-z-z...

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