Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elkhart's Finest Hooters

Oops! I mean Hoosier Hunnies--the Gypsy Journal's beauty contest....A rally is not complete without entertainment and what a line up we had last night! Six ravishing ladies competed for our attention and our sympathies...Wait, is that Al  H. in drag? Isn't he the historian for the Elkhart RV museum? I do believe he is!  Isn't that one of the Geeks on Tour people? Why, yes it is! (He won the contest) Eldy and I laughed and laughed as they paraded by us, accompanied by escorts to the stage, where Nick Russell gave us their captivating, heartwarming stories of how they got to be here today...

The winner! (Geeks on Tour)
anybody recognize this guy?

Nick Russell, the guy in charge of the Gypsy Journal Rally, has quite a ribald sense of humor...the last two nights we have heard him speak, he has had to apologize for some off color jokes.....not everyone appreciates that kind of humor....but the show was very very funny to us and to many takes a lot of guts to get up in front of everybody and parade and strut your stuff...this show was a fundraiser for a place in Livingston, TX called CARE....a retirement nursing/rehabilitation home for RVers who need care and medical services while still living in their RVs  close by....people stuffed monetary contributions in the fronts of the guys' dresses .You can see the winner did quite well for the nursing home!

A little country line dancing broke out on the sidelines afterwards, as some dj music was playing..yours truly got out and did the "Boot Scootin' Boogie"...a great way to end the day....laughter and music with new found friends.....

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