Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hiking Bruno's Run Trail

Bruno's Run Trail
Without Bruno, of course...I'm assuming that was someone's favorite dog and trail run. We can't figure out exactly how long the trail is, because we saw signs while hiking today that gave the trail as a 9.0 mile hike, a 10 mile hike and the brochure says, 7.5!  This trail is just east of Munising about ten miles. We figured we walked at least six out of how ever many miles it is. This is a trail that can be mountain biked or hiked in the spring, summer, and fall...or try it for snowshoeing in the winter. (Now, I would really like to try that! Got my eye on some LL Bean snowshoes, but it looks like we won't be near any snow this winter. Sigh!) We stopped a lot, took a lot of photos, so it took us awhile to wind our way around, but it was absolutely beautiful. Our source for this hike today came from the Munising and Alger County Hiking and Biking Trail brochure we picked up at the Fuzzy Boyak (great name!) Welcome Center in town.

the darndest things catch my eye!
Yooper fire starters
After our hike, we stopped off at the Forest Glen General Store to rest our feet. Cool, old fashioned general store. They even have Yooper fire starters! Of course, we bought a couple! We got a snack, then sat out on the porch for a bit, and talked bear with the owner.  We can't talk moose, because there just don't seem to be very many in the area. We haven't seen a single moose sign anywhere in this part of the U.P. But we have seen moose tracks! That's moose tracks ICE CREAM! My favorite!  Ok, back to the bear. The owner has personally checked in 18 bear since Sept. 18th, when the season first started.  You multiply that by the number of taverns and sportsmens' locations that can check in bear and you start to realize there are a LOT of bear in the woods up here! We've asked a lot of people, do you see bear like you see deer in the woods? And they say, (fortunately for us), no, you don't. Whew! I guess that means we're on for another hike tomorrow, er, Eldy, maybe a bike ride instead?.....

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