Monday, September 6, 2010

Rainy Day Monday

It rained all morning..we decided to go to the Apple store in Grand Rapids, a half an hour away. We've been wanting to get software updates for the mac. With an air card, it was going to take six to eight hours or maybe even longer, to get the upgrades into our computers. Our Verizon air card plan allows us 5 gigs each month in data transfer/downloads, and we've never come too close, as we don't download movies at all--the system is too slow for that! The most data we've ever used is about 3 gigabytes. So we decided to get our software updates on their faster network. The store allows you to come in and hook up to their wi-fi which is pretty speedy, and so we took about an hour to get the updates down, we browsed the store while we were waiting. They were incredibly busy to us, but they said it was actually a slow day, even though it was a holiday! They had at least a dozen ipads out for people to play on, which people of all ages were doing. One of my brother's favorite games is "Angry Birds" which is the #1 paid app (.99) for iphone. After seeing it on the ipad, (which is awesome!), it just doesn't have quite the same fun quotient on the smaller iphone display.

Where else did Eldo go today? Over to AT & T to figure out why we constantly kept getting an "incorrect password" voicemail text message on both our iphones every time we opened up something on the phone! This involved a two minute fix to each phone by a very capable AT & T rep to reset the password by dialing into the voicemail we don't have to do anything to get our voicemails, we can just play them.  Next, over to Sears to purchase an on board portable air compressor which would handle our RV tires. Our tires take 90-95 psi and an ordinary air compressor, one that you would plug into a cigarette lighter (12 volt) would take us forever to get the tires pumped up. We found a good one for under a hundred dollars, and it will do the was on sale, which makes it even better! We've had a lot of trouble finding adequate tire inflation places while on the road. Ordinary tire inflation stations are hard to get to the pump/inflation device with the motor home, they are starting to charge money, and we've found truck stops not as easy to find when we need air.  So this compact compressor will be readily available for our tow car, the bikes, and the motor home. I'll bet we end up using it to help other people who may need air at one point or another and aren't fully equipped yet for this.

Last, but not least, we get back to our car, and I started to retrieve my voicemails...couldn't hear anything! Yes, the volume was up all the way, and I still couldn't hear them. I'd been having problems all along with the voicemail so back into the mall to the AT & T store to find out what was wrong. I would hit the button to play the voicemail and--- nothing! Now, I pride myself on being pretty tech savvy, I taught myself how to make lots of things on the computer, digital scrapbook, and problem solve lots of things with computers. I can do a power point presentation, I can optimize my PC to run better, yada yada yada. Even made the transition to the mac without too much difficulty...But for some reason, voicemails and hearing them were eluding me. I showed the guy in the store my problem...."See? I push this button and....NOTHING!" I was a little irritated to say the least. I need my voicemail! I have a business and I depend on voicemail for people who want to reach me and place orders! My problem is, I'm a little too quick to push buttons...He smiles and says, "The triangle stops the voicemail,  and the double bar starts the voicemail." I was doing it backwards!  I'm not as smart as I think I am! Wonder what else I don't know about my iphone?! brother, the tech savvy computer consultant/programmer, tells me I need to watch the tutorials provided for the phone...yep! I sure do! and yep, I sure will! On the next rainy more day here at Hidden Ridge, and back to Elkhart, IN on Wednesday for repairs....can't wait to get "On the Road Again" (Eldy's favorite song).....where? we'll see!

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